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Weekend outlook 10/19

Tons of great events happening this weekend in the Orlando area. We’ve got fall, sports, art, and a chance to grab some beers. Read on to see my favorite things happening around town this weekend. View this post on Instagram A post shared by UCF […]

Tips for your first UCF Football Game

Tips for your first UCF Football Game

Have you attended a UCF game lately? With the 2019 homecoming game coming up this weekend I figured it was a great time to share my tips on how to have a great time at at UCF football game. In 2007 UCF built their first […]

Weekend update 10•12•19

Weekend update 10•12•19

I’ll be out of town this weekend so I won’t be able to jump in on these fun events, but I wanted to take a moment and share them here for you. While it is still warm, the weather is getting better and better town. Celebrate this at one of these great events this weekend in the Orlando area.

By far, the biggest thing happening this weekend is the 15th annual Come out with Pride festival and parade downtown. This event spans all day Saturday and will be a blast for sure. Find all the details here. Looking for more Pride Week events? find them here.

Looking to do some shopping? Check out Orlando Flea, an indoor market of over 60+ local small shop vendors. This time the market will be held indoors at Ace Cafe downtown. This is the perfect time to get a head start on holiday shopping or grab a houseplant for yourself. One of my favorites, Land of Alice, is scheduled to be there. Market takes place Saturday, 12-4

In the mood for a bratwurst and a beer? Check out Hollerbach’s Oktoberfest in downtown Sanford. This popular event is a great spot to get in the fall spirit. The entertainment is great, if you love polka and drinking songs. (Spoiler alert, I do.) If you go, be sure to check read through all the info on their site as they do run with a ticket system instead of cash.

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Check out Scott’s Corn Maze in Mt. Dora. The corn maze is open most weekends through December 6. Admission is $12, $15 if you want to go on a hayride. This is a great chance for some fall fun in Mt. Dora.

So what are you up to this weekend? Going all out at Pride or taking it easy? I’ll share about our weekend adventures on Instagram, @amberdownsblog

Cocktails and Screams

Cocktails and Screams

I was downtown last night and had a chance to stop by the soft opening of the newest themed bar in Orlando, Cocktails and Screams. Yes, you read that right. This is a spooky themed bar that had tidbits of all of the best halloween […]

Weekend Outlook 10/5

Weekend Outlook 10/5

There are a bunch of cool things happening around town this weekend, but here are a few that jumped out to me as the most interesting. I’ll be hitting up a few of these so be sure to say hi if you see me! View […]

Orlando’s Best Taco Spots

Orlando’s Best Taco Spots

It is not news to anyone, but I am a huge taco fan. I will eat pretty much anything if it is in a tortilla. I feel super fortunate that Orlando has a bustling taco scene and I have had the honor of trying out many of the local joints. Here I am showcasing my favorites spots in honor of National Taco Day.

My Orlando Taco Week tacos from El Potro

Let’s start with my favorite classic sit-down, casual Mexican. This is the restaurant you go to with your family and fill the table. Margaritas and Mexican beer flow and everything is served with a side of refried beans and rice. Comfort food at its finest. My new favorite spot for this is El Potro in Winter Park.

Photo from

In the market for trendy tacos? Check out Black Rooster Taqueria on Mills. This little taco shop has great made to order options that are sure to delight. Seating is limited so it fills up fast, but isn’t that the sign of a good restaurant? If the place is too full just grab your tacos to go and enjoy them with a cocktail on the back patio of The Guesthouse next door. Don’t forget they are closed Mondays.

Tako Cheena, the Mills/50 hotspot started as a food truck and launched into a full on taco shop. They even opened an additional location on John Young Parkway. Tako Cheena is great if you want a taco that is nothing like a traditional taco or anything you may have had before. These tacos have an asian flair and sure to both please and give you something to talk about. The Mills location is open until 1am weeknights and until 4am Friday and Saturday night. This place is fun, but very casual and does not serve alcohol. Perfect for before or after a night out but not a fancy date night spot.

Looking for fresh? Cafe Rio has your back.

No taco list is complete without the addition of a chain taco shop. My favorite around here is Cafe Rio at 17-92 and Lee road. The sweet pork is my favorite, but I enjoy all of their tacos, especially on Tuesday when they are $1.99 each.

So what is your favorite local taco spot? There are so many more than the ones I named here and honestly, my favorites are ever changing.

Weekend Outlook 9/28

Weekend Outlook 9/28

It is almost October now, but during the day it is still pretty brutal outside. When will the cool days come? Soon hopefully, I am READY. Anyways, here is my Weekend Outlook, a list of local events this weekend that caught my eye. Maybe one […]

Clever Fox weekly planner review

Clever Fox weekly planner review

Clever Fox recently reached out to me and sent me a notebook and a planner to try out. These items were sent to me as a gift and the post below is my personal opinion and not an ad. I’ve tried a lot of planners […]

Clever Fox Dotted Grid Notebook Bullet Journal

Clever Fox Dotted Grid Notebook Bullet Journal

Clever Fox recently reached out to me and sent me a notebook and a planner to try out. These items were sent to me as a gift and the post below is my personal opinion and not an ad.

I have been wanting to play around with bullet journaling for some time now and have actually had notebooks sitting in my Amazon cart for some time. Of course I never actually got around to order them, but I was thinking about it! I am super excited to finally try this out.

What I love about bullet journalling is the freedom this style of planning gives the user. With bullet journaling you have the option to have daily and weekly pages, or to just create whatever works for you. Although we often think of planners as being a way to track our days, with bullet journaling you have the freedom to track, plan, or organize pretty much anything. Need a place to plan workouts? Try a bullet journal. Need a way to record your child’s food intake? Again, a bullet journal is great. A bullet journal is just a blank notebook that you use as a planner/tracker/organizer. Make it yours.

For this bullet Journal I am using the Clever Fox Dotted Grid Notebook in Rose Gold. Clever Fox sells their notebooks with dot grid paper which is my personal favorite, but you may also like graph paper or traditional lined paper. Do what works for you.

This Clever Fox Notebook is made with thick 120 GSM paper and includes 127 NUMBERED pages. I feel like this would be perfect for a six month bullet journal. The pages are nice and think and my pens don’t bleed through. I love to use Micron pens and Erasable Frixion pens.

With a blank slate like this you can use the pages however you like. I am just dipping my toe into this area really, so I am not an expert, but here are a few tips for setting up a bullet journal, or BuJo.

Create an Index: With an index page you will always have a guide to where your page is. The Clever Fox notebook I am using has numbered pages so you can use those numbers to mark each page. This is a traditional part of most bullet journals and can be super useful.

Have a plan: Although Bullet Journals are flexible, have an idea of what you want before you get started. This notebook has 127 numbered pages, so if you know you want to use this journal for maybe 6 months plan out the space.


  • Pages 1-10 index and lists
  • Pages 11-24 monthly spreads
  • Pages 25-77 weekly spreads
  • Pg 78-127 Misc.

Research layout ideas and create a key: Look around on Google, Instagram, or Pinterest and you will find TONS of ideas. Hardcore bullet journalers love to use a key to create a great system of organizing tasks and to dos. Research and create your own.

Be flexible: Your needs may change as you and your style change. Feel free to change your style and layout as needed. Heck, if after two months you have a new plan entirely, get a new notebook and try again. They are fairly inexpensive which is part of the beauty of all this.

A final note: Many bullet journalers are also artists. If you look around on the internet you will see beautiful bullet journals filled with calligraphy and doodles that are amazing. If you have this skill, feel free to use it in your journal but also please know that you can be a successful and great bullet journal user without being an artist. The journal is first and foremost a way to make your like easier and if it also is art that is fine too.

I’ll be playing around with this journal for the next few weeks and I will share my thoughts on the system more both here and on Instagram.

Note: Affiliate links were used in this post. The proceeds from these links help me fund this site. Thanks!

Friday Faves

It has been a busy week around here, but I wanted to take a second and share a few things before the weekend. Old Navy is having a great sale through Saturday in-store. Everything is 50% off. The is the perfect time to stock up […]