Easy Turkey Chili

August 24
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I don’t know about you but I am always looking for easy, quick, reheatable meals (yes, reheatable is a word now) that don’t require special obscure ingredients.  So many things I see online and in cookbooks require some single use ingredient that I just plain am too lazy to buy.  This easy chili recipe is one of my favorites because it can be made from ingredients that are almost always available in my kitchen.  I enjoy regular chili but often times its a little heavy.  This chili is beef free and about as low-calorie/high protein as you can get.


Sometimes it takes two photos to get all of your ingredients in. 

This recipe is adapted from a dish found on @mealprepmondays on Instagram.

1/2  pound ground turkey (chicken or beef can work too in a pinch)

2 cans (16 oz.)  kidney beans  (I like to do light and dark for more color variation.)

1 can (16 oz.) tomatoes (we do crushed, but use what you like/have)

1/2 large onion diced  (more or less to taste)

1 clove minced garlic

1 cup water

1 cup corn (fresh, frozen, or canned)

1 can (8 oz.)  tomato sauce or paste

1 tbsp. chili pepper

1 tsp. cumin

Salt & pepper to taste

Serves 5-7 (Depending on if my father is coming to dinner or not.)

Start by browning your turkey.  Once cooked throughly drain and place the turkey in your large pot.  Sauté onions and garlic until soft or caramelized (Or until you get bored.)

Combine turkey, kidney beans, tomatoes, onion & garlic, tomato sauce and water on medium or medium-high heat.  Add chili pepper and cumin to taste.  I like things pretty mild around here but do what works for you and your family.

I like to cook this for about 20 minutes to let the flavors mush together and then I add the corn for the last five minutes.   This keeps it nice and crisp.


Wanna make it a meal?  Chili goes great with cornbread.  We love the Quaker cornbread recipe.

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My review of the MAMBI Happy Planner (Create 365)

August 24
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Planners are in right now.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know this.  Planners are a big business and planning is not what it used to be.   Planners are cute, fun, involve stickers, and motivation.  I got back into using a planner two years ago after taking a productivity class through my employer.  After going through a few different DIY and target planners (I refused to spend $50 on a notebook), I ran across the Happy Planner online and fell in love.

So what is the Happy Planner?


Inside the front cover of “My Life” planner

The Happy Planner (HP) is a product by Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) and is under their “Create 365 brand.”  At first glance the Happy Planner reminds most of an Erin Condren Life Planner.  It is a bound  weekly vertical layout with thick pages and a creative use of color.  The planner has monthly tabs and includes a monthly spread at the beginning of each month along with a monthly planning page.  What makes the Happy Planner different than the Erin Condren is that it is bound with an ARC system.  This means that pages can be added or removed by the user at any time.  Because of this the planner is sold “bare bones,” with no additional planning or note pages are we see in other planners.  MAMBI sells many inserts to be used with the planner.  These include home planning, blank pages, graphing paper, sticky notes, inspirational cards, dividers, extra covers and note pad bookmarks.

I own two Happy Planners, “Every day is a Gift” and “My Life.”  MAMBI made five different planner covers and the pages inside also differ slightly.  Both of my planners have the same monthly planning page but others differ as well.

Monthly layout in “Every Day is a Gift”


Weekly spread in "Every Day is a Gift."

Weekly spread in “Every Day is a Gift.”

As you can see, the planner is divided into morning, afternoon and evening.  I found that these sections did not work for me and after some playing I found that I like to use “To Dos,”  “Home,” and “Blog” as my sections.  I use thin washi tape as well as homemade stickers cut with my silhouette to change the sections.  I also made other stickers to help me keep my habits, track reading, and other events unique to me.  More on planner decorating and stickers in another post.

A week in my Happy Planner

I originally intended to use the Happy Planner for work and home use but soon found that the setup did not work for me.  For my job I need daily notes space in my planner and the Happy planner did not offer this.  I do however love using it for home use.

Monthly planning page from both “My Life” and “Every Day is a Gift”

The Happy Planner retails for $24.99 and can be purchased at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and on the MAMBI website.  I purchased mine at Michael’s and was able to use a 40% off coupon making it only $14.99.