My Review of the Happy Planner Recipe Organizer

September 23

My Review of the Happy Planner Recipe Organizer


So I have finally gotten my hands on the new Recipe Organizer from Me & My Big Ideas.  I love their Happy Planner so I wanted to give this a try too.   I don’t own very many recipe books, and I generally use Pinterest to store recipes found online. I don’t like cooking straight from a blog post as then I have to move my tablet to the kitchen and keep swiping it with messy hands to keep it on.  (Not to mention, many blog posts are so image heavy its hard to find the actual instructions.) Hopefully with this new recipe book I can write down the recipes I like so that I have one place to go for them all without dealing with all that other stuff.

Review of the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe Book

The book comes with 10 of these little shopping lists


The front of the book has the shopping lists and a three page glossary of cooking terms.  The book is then divided into eight sections with tabs for different types of foods.

The tabs are: Family Favorites, Main Dishes, Slow Cooker, Entertaining, Healthy Fare, Quick and Easy, Desserts, and Misc. Personally I am not in love with their choices so I will make new labels for some of the tabs.

I plan to keep- Main Dishes, Desserts, Entertaining and Slow Cooker.  I will switch the others to Breads, Lunches, and sides.  I think I will keep the misc. until I think of something else I want.

Review of the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe Book

Don’t you love this table setting chart? Its perfect just in case.


One thing I love about this book is that, like the Happy Planner, it uses the ARC system for its pages.  This means that I can take pages out and move them around change them as I see fit.

I immediately got started entering my first recipe.  We always make corn muffins using the recipe from the back of an old Quaker Corn Meal canister.  We no longer have that canister or buy that brand but we kept the recipe from the back.  Each time I go to make these I cross my fingers that I still have the little cup out recipe because I am sure that one day it will get lost or accidentally thrown out.  It’s just too little. This was the perfect recipe to transfer over. I pulled out a sheet and got to work.

Review of the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe Book


I love how the pages have prompts on the side so that you don’t forget to write down the oven temperature or cook time.  The prep time and servings information will also be helpful if it’s been years since I’ve made something, or if someone else is using my book. It comes with enough pages to write down 192 recipes, one on each side of the paper which should be way more than enough for me.

Of course, after I got all finished I noticed that the colored top right corner of the page was unusual.  I then looked at the rest of the pages and realized that this color coordinates with the section of the book that the page is from.  Great. So now I have Corn Bread as a main dish.  (Actually, that would be awesome, but no. )

Review of the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe Book

I looked over the rest of the pages and the only other difference I saw between categories was for the Slow-Cooker pages.  They have this nifty little icon which is actually pretty adorable.

Review of the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe Book

So if you purchase this book keep that information in mind, but otherwise the book is completely customizable to meet your needs.  Below you can see this book on top of my Happy Planner to see the size comparison. They are pretty much the same, which makes since being that they share the same $24.99 price point.

hp 8

Overall, I think that I will be getting a lot of use out of this book to record all the dishes that I make from randomly found internet searches as well as recipes that I keep in my head.  Also, this will be a written record if anyone… maybe my husband?  Wants to make one of my dishes.

Interested in purchasing your own?  Currently they are only available on the MAMBI website,but they should be in Hobby Lobby this fall.
Do you have one?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


  1. Lori

    October 22

    I am so happy with your review. I have been interested in the cookbook but was curious about the inside pages. Now, do I buy the red covered one or the one that comes in a kit?????

    • Amber

      October 23

      Good question! I haven’t seen the kits in person. I’m kind of avoiding them as I don’t want to spend more money. I would say if you want all the embellishments then do the kit. Personally I don’t need embellishments for the recipe book so I am happy with the red one, although I may make a new cover for it down the line.

  2. Pam

    November 14

    Thank you for the review. I have been searching for a recipe book for what seems like forever. This may just work well for me. What is the kit you are talking about and do you know if extra pages will be sold separately?

    • Amber

      November 14

      The kit is available in Michael’s stores and has a recipe planner, stickers, and shopping lists. It actually might be easier to get your hands on than the red one. I haven’t seen any extra pages being sold yet, but the planner does come with alot so you’d be set for awhile.

  3. Lindy

    February 12

    Hi – just found your review. Thanks for the wonderful review. Is this still available? If they don’t make extra pages {as I have a lot of recipes} is there a way to punch it to add to the book if I were to print out from the internet. Does this make sense? Thanks!

  4. Bp

    April 5

    Where can I find one thanks

  5. Sandra

    October 17

    Hi there, I’m new to the Happy Planner and my first book is the recipe book. Does anyone know if they make a clear insert page cover so you don’t get the page you’re currently on dirty?

    • Amber

      October 17

      Not yet Sandra, but that would be awesome!

    • Wanda

      February 4

      It would be pretty easy to cut one down the size of one of the tabbed divider pages and just punch it with a hole punch or the Mambi disc punch. I am glad I found this review and your question… its a brilliant idea. I just happen to have clear sheets laying around here and will do that with mine. Thanks!

  6. Alyson

    May 24

    I purchased mine about a week ago. I was at Hobby Lobby and seen these and I think I got the last one there. I didn’t see alot of stickers or any more of the Market List pages. However, I do have a Michaels and a JoAnn ‘s and will be checking in the future. I do agree on the tabs. That has to be my least favorite thing but overall I do like the recipe book and the slow cooker section is awesome. Now the challenge is putting all the recipes I have into the book. I hope one day that my daughter’s will be able to look at that and remember the times spent and good food that was enjoyed.

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