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September 13

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If you haven’t noticed, planning, planners, and all things paper and stationery are big right now.  Personally I think this is awesome as I’ve always been a paper and planner lover.  However, I have found that its pretty easy to get caught up in what I call “pretty planning,”  where the stickers and accessories get more spotlight than the actual planning process which I consider very useful.


My planners


I am more of a functional planner in that I use my planner to ensure that projects get completed, time is used wisely, and to have a place to go to find a task if I have spare time.  My planner is also where I keep my husband and I’s work schedules, dinner menus, grocery lists and of course events and appointments.

I personally use two planners right now.  The first is a large daily planner that I use for work. My work day schedule itself is fairly simple, most of my appointments have a weekly standing time so I don’t have to worry too much about that, however I do work on several projects each day and it’s easy to forget about one or place it on a back burner.  Because of this I just my daily planner to keep track mostly of to-dos and currently working ons.  It also gives me a place to give myself reminders to contact someone on a specific date in the future or to begin planning for an upcoming event.  I also use my work planner to keep track of phone communication so I can keep track of who I have spoken to, when, and what was decided.  I generally do not write down my email correspondence as that is searchable within my email client.


My home planner is where I log everything personal as well as where I keep track of all those little things mentioned above.  (work, dinners, shopping lists and appointments.)  I really like the weekly view as it gives me a way to see my whole week and it makes it much easier to decide when to schedule myself for tasks as well as when I have time to relax.

Back to the current trend of planner decorating.  As you can see, I do decorate my planner a little bit.  I enjoy adding color and some helpful or inspiring stickers.  I add these embellishments, but always keep in mind that my overall goal is functionality.  I also have created a few custom stickers that I just to help me track habits I want to form.  These stickers were made with Canva.  Although these embellishments are fun, I can still go about my entire week without them and they are not the central element of the planner.




For my work planer I like to take time at the beginning of the week and map out my days.  I add any important events that would cut into my regular work time and add all programs and any due dates that I may have.  After that, I sometimes add a little washi tape for color or write something with a cute pen.  I don’t really do much more as this is an at work task and I want to maximize my at work time.


Just like i enjoy looking at the week in full at work, I also like to sit down and plan the week with my home planner.  This is where I add my washi and stickers and also begin adding menu choices, my husband’s schedule, and other events to the week.  If I see that there is a day where I will not be doing many or any home tasks this is where I have the opportunity to use this space for other stickers.


When scheduling events and tasks that at several weeks out I like to use the monthly calendar in my home planner.  This calendar is a great place to write down trips, appointment and parties so that you can add them into your weekly layout later when you know how /where you want to put the information.


I hope that this information about my planner style is helpful to you as a guide for enjoying your planner but also getting the most out of it.


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Amber Downs



  1. Nikki

    September 14

    Love the Happy Planner! I have one and I’m trying to figure out how to use it more. Thanks!

    • Amber

      September 15

      Glad you like it. I plan to post more about how I use it in the future!

  2. Paula

    November 17

    I love my Happy Planner too! And I like it functional but pretty. So I use some stickers. Do you make any to share??

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