Free contacts sheet- Happy Planner printable

October 11

Contacts printable
Contacts pages:

Print these pages on regular 8.5×11 printer paper or cardstock.  Cut along gray lines and then hole punch the gray circles.  Using scissors cut from the holes you punched to the end of the page. You may want to cut 1/8 in slits from the holes to the left side of the paper so that it slides better in the rings.

Viola!  Enter wherever you’d like in your planner.


Contacts version 1

Contacts version 2


  1. Joy

    March 13

    Thank you! I have been looking for a contacts page for my HP. I found you in a link from to Happy Planner Free Printables to Share on Facebook.

    • Amber

      March 13

      Thanks Joy!

  2. Stephanie

    October 4

    What weight paper do you use? Thanks!!! Love the stuff ❤️

  3. Angela Horn

    July 18


    Will these fit the BIG happy planner with 11 rings?

    • Amber

      July 18

      These are designed for the smaller planner but you could still use it in the big one. 👍

  4. pam

    August 4

    Thank you Amber…I really needed this for my Happy Planner. Great work!

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