30 days of Gratitude with Project Life Part 2

November 22
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So earlier this month I posted my plan for a 30 days of gratitude mini album for November.  I am making this album as a way to refocus myself and really understand who, what and why I am thankful.  I wanted this album to be a small item that I could keep on my desk or on my bedside table to be a constant reminder of all the amazing things that have happened and will happen in my life.  To assist with this, I made Project Life type cards to guide my pages and give me prompts for each day.  Although I am not doing this on a daily basis, I wanted to go with the 30 day system like in the Instagram type posts many do. (Search #30daysofthankful or #30daysofgratitude on Instagram for more information.)


So this is what I am doing for November, what are you doing?

Project Life Cards

Here is a PDF file of my 4×4 cards.

Days 8-30 of gratitude

Need days 0-7?  Check here.


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