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November 17



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I put together these goal planning sheets a little while ago to help with keeping my goals in focus as well as to  ensure I was staying on the path and on time for competition.  I honestly feel that if you really want to do something you need to have it on paper with steps and a time frame.


When using this sheet I suggest starting with a messy copy where you flesh out your ideas. It will take a little time to really see what the best steps are for you as well as to put together a realistic time table.  Do you know someone who has completed a goal similar to yours?  Ask them for advice as to where to start and how to  proceed.  Also consider asking about how long it will really take.  Be honest with yourself, you’re not going to loose 30 pounds in a month, but you could in a year.


Once you know what you’re doing print out a new copy and write it out nicely.  Into paper crafting?  Decorate the sheet!  Now find a prominent place to put it where you can see your goal and work on it daily.  I made a smaller version to fit inside the Happy Planner so that it can be kept in the front of your planner so you have daily access.

Without further ado, here are the PDFs.  Be sure to print on 8.5×11 in paper and print them at actual size.  Card stock and colored paper are fun ways to jazz these up.

Goal planning sheet

Happy Planner goal planning sheet
Want more? Try my contacts sheet printable here.

What goals will you work to complete with these sheets?  Share below!

  1. Paula

    November 17

    Thank you so much Amber. Love it!!

  2. Amber

    January 26


  3. Trell

    December 10

    Thank you for sharing your goal sheet.

    Does the goal coming the mini planner size?

    • Amber

      December 11

      Not at the moment, no. But you could print in a smaller scale. I do this in chrome all the time to size pages down.

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