October Faves

November 11
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One of the things I want to do with this blog is to share my favorite things.  Often times these are projects, recipes, and tips; other times they are just things.  This will be (hopefully) the first in an ongoing series of my current favorites as well as things I do not recommend.


This is the photo from target because I am lazy.


Pajama Pants
In September we did a Pajama Storytime at my library.  The kids were instructed to wear pajamas and so I figured it would be fun to wear some too.  Only problem?  I don’t really own pajamas.  I usually wear shirts and gym shorts to bed, if anything. 😉  So of course I used this as an excuse to get some super cute PJ pants.  I remembered seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Kate from thesmallthingsblog.com wearing some cute ones from Target so I found myself a pair.  LET ME TELL YOU.  These are the most comfy pants ever. They are like wearing a warm loving hug on your legs. I would wear them every day, but I live in Florida and have a job. They claim they are a jogger which I guess is just regular pants, but they look like pajamas to me.  Regardless, I totally wore them to Publix last night.  Anyways,  check them out here.


Iphone 6s

I was an early iPhone user; I picked up a 3G on release day and keep up with them until 2 years ago.  I didn’t see anything great in the iPhone 5 so I switched to Android.  I had a Samsung Galaxy s4 for two years and it was fine.  Everything worked well, I just never happy with the photos.  The only pictures that came out good were ones that were lucky enough to have perfect lighting.  Finally, after 2 years I decided to go back to Apple only because I knew the camera was superior.  When out with my husband I had been making him take all the photos with his iPhone because I just knew mine was inferior.  So I went and upgraded and I was right, these photos are so much better.  I have nothing against android devices, I am just happy to have a good camera on my phone again.




Pour over coffee

While Charlie and I were on vacation in Chicago we stayed at a hotel that had a kettle and pour over coffee in the room. I tried it and liked it; I love how simple the whole thing is. You are in complete control of everything and it’s cheap! I picked up this pour over cup on Amazon for $5. Get yours here. (Mine is size 01)



Don’t judge my music tastes.


Amazon Prime Music

I have had Amazon Prime on and off over the last 5 or so years and I signed up again back in September.  I have been using it for the shipping and books and a few weeks ago I found out there was an Amazon Prime Music app as well.  I downloaded it and I LOVE IT.  Its similar to other streaming music and downloadable subscription services. You can stream artists, albums, playlists, ect and you can download them too.  Being that I have a new phone (with no music on it) I went ahead and downloaded several albums.  I love that I can download for use in the car and when I am away from wifi and I can also stream whatever I want.  I know the $99 Amazon prime annual membership is a little high just for the music, but if you were on the fence about it before and think you’d like this feature I want to let you know its worth it.   Purchase a prime membership here.


So those are my faves for this month. Do you agree?  What are your current faves?



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