Project Life Organization (on a budget)

November 3
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Project Life Card Organization on a budget with free printable!

So as you may gather by my last post, I am a big Project Life fan. I love collecting the little cards and using them for my albums as well as other craft/personal uses. However, as soon as I purchased more than one pack, I knew I was going to have an mess. I wanted a simple, organized system to keep them, and I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. (Really, I didn’t want to spend anything, I’d already spent enough on the project.)

I saw the cutest stuff on Pinterest with little carts, clear containers, wooden containers, so much stuff, but they were way over my non-existent budget so I started looking around at home.




These are the lovely boxes in question.

I have an obsession with these $2 photo boxes from Michaels. OK. Technically they are $3.99, but they are on sale all the time for $2 or less. I find them at $1.67 and then sack a 20% off coupon! Anyways, I found one that I haven’t even used yet and went to work. One of the boxes we purchased had these cool little dividers in it. They were fairly flimsy and kinda ugly, but it gave me an idea.

I took the divider and made my own in my computer and printed them on card stock. I then added the titles of the categories to them and put them in the box. I considered decorating them with washi tape, but I wanted the tabs to be easy to find among the cards so I kept them the plain gray color of the card stock. You could of course decorate them if you wish.


These are the categories I am starting with:
Title Cards
Black and White
Love and Valentines

My camera really didn’t want to focus on this correctly. Sorry.

These categories work well based on the kits I have, but your categories may be entirely different. In making my categories I sat down in my living room and divided them up and made my selections as I went. This way I could really get a feel for what I needed and what would work well for my personal Project Life style. FYI I have the Seasons core kit so that definitely made dividing everything up easy, it also makes making my spreads easy as I have a place to start theme-wise.

I have attached the PDF file of the dividers to the bottom of this page if you would like to make your own. Print them out full size and cut along the lines. Its that easy! Also, I am pretty sure the boxes are on sale at Michaels this week.

Now to figure out how to organize the rest of my scrapbooking supplies…

Here is the PDF file of the template:

Photo box dividers template


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