Holiday wrap-up

December 30
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As we wind down the holiday season I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the holidays around my home.  This was our second Christmas as a married couple and the third in our home.


This year we put lights on the house for the first time.  Last year before christmas I looked at our home survey from when we purchased the house and checked the measurements to see how many feet of lights I would need.  I didn’t want to go to the store and not buy enough.  I went to Walmart early on December 26th and purchased 5 boxes of soft white LED C9 lights at 50% off.  We chose these lights because I love the large classic size and the new energy efficient aspects of LED.  We chose soft white instead of the bright white because I wanted the lights to match with some of the non-LED items we had.  I also purchased these super cute lighted garland for the pillars in front of our home.  These items were boxed up and saved for this year.  We put them up on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and it went pretty well.  My husband is in charge of our vacation light timers so he set the timers on the tree and house lights. (This is a must if you are going to decorate your home with lights!)

We later went to target and grabbed this super cute star for center of the roof.  it was only $14.99! (When taking these photos I realized two of my bulbs might need replaced.)

Overall we were very happy with our outdoor lights and look forward to expanding our display but keeping it simple and tasteful.  It had always been a childhood dream of mine to decorate the exterior of my home with white lights and it was pretty darn awesome to see it finally happen.

On December 26th this year I again went to Walmart and picked up a few more boxes of lights and lighted garland so that we can try a few new things next year.



One of our family christmas traditions is attending Christmas eve service together and then sharing a meal at my home.  One of the challenges of this is that I need to have a meal that we can eat soon after arriving home.  This leaves us with a shorter list of options but I think we did well with a simple baked ziti.  I made it in the morning and then threw it in the oven when we got home.  I used a thin pan to help it cook faster. Of course we ate this way before we were able to take a photo so you are getting a photo of my tree instead.





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