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December 1
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Freedom Planner Review (1)



Today I am doing a review on a planner that I recently acquired for reviewing purposes.  This is a new planner by The Freedom Planner company.  The main purpose of the freedom planner is goal setting and achievement.  The first page of the planner goes over its purpose to assist in this area.  Here is an excerpt from the 1st page:





The new few pages of the planner review how to use the goal setting portions of the book.  After setting overall goals you move through the pages breaking these down into manageable tasks.  One of the aspects of the planner that I love is that the goal planning section is divided into two parts, personal and professional.  As a full time working professional I have several goals in which I am striving to reach in my career as well as personal goals to better myself as a human.  Dividing this into two separate sections is a great way to help us remember that our lives do have more than one part and we should strive for the best in both.IMG_1676




Each month in this planner opens with a 2 page goal planning spread.  This area has a small monthly calendar as well as a place to rewrite your goals.  I would suggest waiting until the beginning of each month to fill these goals in as you may find that you refine them throughout the year.  The next page has an area to prioritize your personal and professional goals so you know what you need to work on first for the month.  This is awesome way to break tasks down again into manageable portions.


Each week has a two page spread.  On the left is a column for “Tasks and Actions.”  This is where you will write down the action items for your goal for that week.  You then have a column for each day dated from 7:00am until 9:00pm.  7:00am – 6:30pm have half our increments of time, and 7:00pm-9:00pm are just hours.  Saturday and Sunday share a column so they don’t really have a time spot.


At the end of each month you have another two page spread for reflecting on the month.  (FYI This might be my favorite part!) Here you can looks at your accomplishments and challenges and an area to discuss how you are doing on meeting the goals for the year.   The next page give prompts about how time was spent and what you can do to improve next month.  Lastly, there is a area to write down your personal growth as well as things that have made you happy over the last month.

These reflecting pages are a great way to rethink your goals regularly and keep them fresh.  It’s ok to revise goals as long as you are still working for the same general idea.  Often times, in the beginning of a new project or goal we are unaware of exactly what it will take to be successful.  Be forgiving with yourself when necessary.

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