Blue and green planner layout

January 31

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FREE printable planner stickers with Silhouette file. Download these stickers for your planner. Works great in Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Filofax, and others.


I decided to whip together another set printable planner stickers with a silhouette file for those interested. These can be used with any planner but were make to go with a Happy Planner or Erin Condren planner.


For best results print these on sticker paper and then cut with the silhouette or by hand.

Click HERE to download the Silhouette file

Click HERE for a PDF version of the file


Did you use these stickers?  Tag me in a photo of your planner on Instagram.  I’m @_amberdowns !

  1. tina

    January 31

    Thank you so much for sharing the silhouette file, and for sharing these for free!!! I love your blog!!! Only thing with the habit tracker, for me when I try to put in silhouette it goes out of cut lines??

    • Amber

      January 31

      Hmm for the Habit tracker (The pink page) I didn’t share a silhouette file. (Note to self: add this!) If you’re having trouble using the trace feature then just use the square tool and make the cut lines by hand. I often do this for stickers that don’t trace well.

  2. Tasha

    February 20

    I love this for summer.

  3. Amber

    May 6

    Donna, I thought I fixed this before but o guess not. Anyways, now it is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Shanna

    March 7

    Is this link still valid? Can’t seem to get anywhere to download the file. 🙁

    • Amber

      March 9

      Sorry about that. It has been fixed. <3

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