The 8 best Ikea tips and tricks

February 11

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The 8 BEST IKEA tips and tricks for a fun, quick trip.  Ikea hacks for the family, how to save money at Ikea.

Everyone, I mean everyone loves Ikea, and it’s not just the cheap furniture that we love. Its everything.  The food, the displays, the odds and ends, the new ideas, and of course how little we paid for it all. However, if there is one thing that everyone hates about Ikea, it is getting in and out without spending the entire day.  We’ve all done it, walked in for a pillowcase and ended up spending three hours and $250.  Today I want to share my secrets for getting in, out, and on with life.

exit1. Enter through the exit.

I know this agains the “rules,”  but entering through the exit means you can skip the displays out front and you will end up choosing a better parking spot for when you want to leave.


2. Check out the As-Is room first.

The as-is section of Ikea really is a gold mine of opportunity. Last year, when the husband and I went to purchase new desks were were upset to find that what we had wanted was not in stock anymore. We had picked out alternate options but were a little disappointed.  Right as we were about to check out we stepped into the as-is are and found two even better desk tops for a fraction of the cost.  We ended up only spending $35 when we had gone in planning to spend at least $80 on them.

Think outside the box when you are in this room.  Although an item may not be in perfect shape for its intended use it still could be great for something else.  Also, a good cleaning and a coat of paint go a long way. Don’t forget to check again before you leave in case there are new items.

asis sale

3. Check for an as-is sale

Often times there will be an additional sale on the as-is items.  See which category is on sale and save even more in the as-is area.


3. Skip the display area.

Know what you want when you go in and just skip the tempting  display room.  Chances are you’ve already seen the item in in action and know what you want.  Not sure where it’s located?  Look it up on your phone ahead of time.  The ikea website has all of the items and the furniture location information as well as the probability that it will be in stock.

4.  Know your measurements

Know the measurements of the areas that you are looking for furniture for.  Write these down or put them in your phone.  You may want to also take photos of the area or room so that you can try to visualize the piece in your home.


5. Skip the weekend!

I know we love to go to Ikea on Saturday morning but you know the place is packed.  Consider working out a way to go in the week, even in the evening. (Preferably Monday- Thursday)  Of course, you may have to wait until the weekend to build your purchases but you will actually have all weekend.


6. Bring the right vehicle.  Don’t suddenly decide to buy a new dresser when you’ve driven to Ikea in a Prius with two car seats.  Think you need a bigger vehicle?  Ask a friend to trade for a day or consider a quick Uhaul rental.  If your vehicle sports a hitch you could rent a trailer for a little as $20 a day.download7. Join IKEA Family before you go to the store.

Ikea Family is a free store membership that allows you to receive discounts on selected products, more free time in the kids area, a free cup of coffee, and other benefits throughout the year.  Register at home and have them text you your card number so you don’t have to waste time signing up at the kiosk.


8. Kids eat free Tuesdays

Have to bring the kids with you?  They eat free every Tuesday at the restaurant.  (Up to two kids per paying adult meal.)  Also, there is alway free baby food with adult meal purchase. If you all have to be there you might as well eat.


I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Have another one?  Add it in the comments!   Also, don’t forget, a lot of Ikea items are on Amazon. Sometimes, especially if you have Amazon Prime, it may be quicker and easier to just order items there.  Keep in mind these are all sold via 3rd party resellers.

Enjoy your trip!

  1. Laura McGowan

    February 22

    Useful!!! I’ll try them out and let you know :)
    Found on “Friends who love blogging”

  2. Jasmine Peace

    February 22

    Next time I head out there it will be, on a Tuesday since kids eat free, to check out the as is section. Thank you for hooking us up with this info.

  3. sabrina

    February 22

    the first time I went to IKEA I was so confused and it was so tiring. 4 hours just to buy 2 pillows and a pan. But after that I’ve learned some trick more and now I LOVE going there. Some of your tips are great, mainly entering from the exit!!! I’ll do.
    But to be true, I DO LOVE displays area. It gives me so many ideas about what I can do even with stuff and furniture I already have.

    • Amber

      February 22

      Yes! The display area is great for inspiration. I wish I had the time to go through it again.

  4. Vlad

    February 22

    Nice tips will definitely use next time going there. It’s always kind of confusing. Lol.

  5. sandy

    July 7

    I always go in through the exit and straight to the as is I try to get there in the morning before the store opens because usually they’re stocking the as is area,sometimes I skip the top floor which is the display area for me it’s much easier just going on the bottom floor and picking things I really want another good tip is if you’re missing any hardware they give you two free just know what you need

  6. Jane

    July 10

    It’s also helpful to download their app, and then when you find something that you like, add it to your wishlist via your iPhone or other device. I usually end up putting everything on the list, even for future purchases – since you know that you can’t go to IKEA just once after you’re hooked. It’s helpful to look at the ‘print’ version since it advises on whether or not the item is in-stock AND the Aisle/Bin where you can locate the items.

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