Kate Spade Wellesley planner review

February 17

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Kate Spade Wellesley Planner Review - Check out this great 6 ring personal size planner similar to Fiilofax a6 , kikki k, and others. AmberDowns.net

I was wandering through the Kate Spade outlet the other day and ran across the coveted Kate Spade Wellesley planner.  This item has been super hot for some time now with planner lovers and I had been searching for one a few months ago but gave up.  The store was having a big 60% off sale so went ahead and grabbed one.  They had them in pink and black.  I went with black to match my other Kate Spade items.  I prefer to purchase higher end items in neutral colors and then accessorize with more inexpensive items in popular colors for the season.

For those who are not familiar with this item, it is an outlet only product and is the same size as a Filofax personal or a6 planner, which is a medium with Kikki-K.  This is the perfect purse sized product and can even be used as a wallet if the owner wanted it.  Because it is an outlet item, it is not sold online and can be quite difficult to get ahold of.  My store said they were always getting calls from girls looking for it and when they are in stock they fly off the shelves. This is my first planner of this size (The Target Dollar Spot planner is slightly larger.)

Alright, on to the review!

The planner (on the left) compared to the wallet from the same line.


This planner has a pebbled leather cover, similar to the wallet I own as well as several other items available from Kate Spade. As mentioned, when I went to the store they had it in pink and black.  Previously it was available in black, rose gold,pink, and red. From doing some research on the product I have gathered that they seem to make a few changes here and there and then re-release the item here and there. The planners sold over the summer have a tan interior with pink fabric but the item I purchased had a black interior.  I would have loved the tan as is matches my wallet, but hey, you get what you get.


The zipper on this planner is well made and ready to deal with daily use.  It is the same zipper as my wallet which I have had for almost two years and is still going strong.  Inside the front cover you will notice 8 pockets for cards as well as a slot on each side for a slim notebook or papers.


The rings on this planner are gold and use the 6 ring system.  This is great for purchasing inserts from other companies. Although I am new to the ringed system,  I think that these rings will hold up well to use.



The  planner came with a weekly insert set for 2016.  This included monthly sheets and a week on 2 pages spreads. It also came with inserts for contacts, birthdays, restaurants and to dos. The months and sections do not come with dividers so you may want to purchase or make your own. ( I made my own using this punch from Amazon.)


The interior back cover has a pen loop and one pocket. This pocket is good for larger papers but isn’t as secure as the others.  I will use this area to hold coupons and the like.


Overall I really like this planner. You can see the quality in the planer and I feel like this item would hold up well over years of use. My only complaint is that it doesn’t lie flat. This may change after extended use, but I’m not sure. It is still fine, just not the same as a large planner that lies well on your desk.

Once I get this planner all worked out and set up for myself I put together another post on how I have set up and use this planner.

Do you have this planner?  What do you think of it? Are you considering purchasing one? Let me know below!


  1. Stephanie

    October 25

    I’m considering buying one of these. Do you still use it? After time does it lie flat now or does it still not?

    • Amber

      October 25

      I’m not using it right now because the personal size is too small for everything for me. However if you need something compact it’s great. Still doesn’t lie flat and I learn to deal with that. Overall I still do love it but be aware that Michael’s now carries personal size planners that have a snap closure and in December they will start to carry zip around personal size planner depending on your budget that may be an option as well. Of course if you love Kate Spade as I do then this is the planner for you. 👍

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