February Faves

March 23
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I haven’t done a favorites post in a few months, but I wanted to share a few things that I have been enjoying.


Spin Pins
Have you seen these yet? I heard about this a little over a year ago and they are totally a game changer for us long haired girls.  If you’ve ever struggled with getting all of your hair into a bun then you will love these.  The claim is that one spin pin holds as much as 10 bobby pins.  Is this true? I don’t know, but I can put up all of my hair with just 2 Spin Pins.  (One if I am desperate.)  Grab a set and go for it.  TIP: You can find these for a a lot less around the internet, but just make sure they have the rounded tips or else they won’t glide into your hair as well.

Motivational water bottle
As part of my new years goals I’ve been focusing on drinking more water. I always thought that the water bottles with the times on it were gimmicky until I got this one and realized it awesome.  What better feeling than to be three hours ahead of yourself in drinking water! It really is great motivation, and its cute.  The bottle actually comes with a diffuser so if you don’t love water you can add fruit.  Personally, I prefer my water plain to I just took the middle part out.  What I really love though is that this is just a nice simple bottle. Its not fancy, it seals tight, and it is easy to drink from.  Overall, it can’t be beat for $9.


Wendaful.com planner inserts
Looking for free printable planner inserts? Check out Wendaful! My current favorite is their 2016 year at a glance. I have this in my personal planner and my a5 planner.


Mini Discs
If you’re a Happy Planner user then you might be aware of the new mini discs released by Me & My Big Ideas.  These little discs mean that you can turn anything into a small disc bound notebook.  Last week I shared a menu and recipe cards printable that I the used the mini discs to hold together.  These are great for mini planers, extension packs, and kids.



So those are a few of my current favorites.  What are yours?


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