Webster’s Color Crush planner review

March 21


Hey everyone, I am here with another planner review.  As you may have heard, Jo-Anns craft stores have recently started selling the Color Crush planners by Webster’s pages.  These planners come in personal and A5 size ans figured this would be the perfect time to grab an A5 planner to try it out.  This planner retails for $54.99 in store, but i had  a 60% off coupon so I got a great deal. Keep in mind this is what the TEAL planner looks like inside.  The dividers on the other planners may differ slightly, I have not had to chance to check.

Here is what the display should look like in the store.

My store had the planners in stock but hadn’t yet brought them out to the floor.  My amazing husband was able to flag down a sales associate and get them to bring us a planner from the back.  I went with the teal color but I like the pink and stripes as well.

When you see the planner on the shelf you will notice that it comes in a removable plastic jacket with “Hello!” in gold foil.   This is to protect the planner from the elements of the store and shipping.  From what I have seen, if you purchase this item from somewhere other than Jo-Anns the planner will come in a nice box.


 (FYI:  If you want to zoom in on an image click it and it will open up larger.)

Like many A5 and other ringed planners this planner has a snap closure.


When you open the planner you will notice that there are lots of pockets on the left.  These are deep and look like they’d be great for stickers, notepads, and other smaller items.  They can also hold business cards but they may fall down in the pocket because of the depth.  The bottom pocket has a clear window and would be a great place to hold personal info or cards.  It is also deep but obviously more visible. (Seen below with a standard size business card in the pocket.)


The rings on this planner are a sturdy 1.5 in set.  They meet standard A5 size which will allow us to interchange the inserts with other brands.  (Hello Day Designer Daily inserts!) I like that these rings are large enough to hold all that I need in a daily work planner.  (Basically, alot)


One of the reasons I jumped on purchasing this planner was that it came with so many cute dividers and inserts.  On of those is the first sheet which says “Be Happy Be Bright Be you.”  What a great daily reminder when you open your planner.


The next page is a piece of heavy card stock with a spot to place contact information on the back.  Always something important to have in your planner.


Alright, now we have made it to the tabs.  Like I said, this planner comes with tons of cute extras and these tabs are one of them.  The dividers are labeled; I will give you a list of the tabs and then explain what in in each section:

Write it down
Memory Keeping
Lists to Love
Staying Inspired


Write it down
This section is just for note paper.  The planner came with six sheets of super cute lined paper.



Memory Keeping
This section appears to be for journaling and such. It comes with six sheets titled “A week in the life” with a space for sketches, quotes and memories on the back.



Lists to love
This section comes with six multi use pages.  The front of the pages are for “Plans & do!”  A place to list goals and plans and give them a due date.  This is great for keeping yourself on track.  The back of these sheets are menus.  The menu pages have a small spot for meals for each day and repeats for five weeks.  These would be great for planning dinners for a month but are too small to fill out all meals for five weeks.  An alternate use of this page would be to list breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for one week.  There is also a shopping list feature at the bottom of the page.


Staying Inspired
This section is filled with 2 copies of 3 double sided sheets with inspirational prints on them.  These are cute but I am not 100% sure of their use.


Here we go, this is the mother load. This planner comes with both dated weekly and monthly inserts.  First it has simple monthly calendars with tabs for each month and notes page. The tab is attached to the dated calendar sheet. The moth view runs Sunday-Saturday and the calendar squares are lightly lined which is great when you have a lot to fill in.  These are especially helpful for me at work when I need to fill in events, staff leave,  and meetings on my monthly view.




After that we get into the week view for the calendar.  The planner came with weekly sheets for October 2015- December 2016.  These dated weekly sheets are divided into eight sections in a horizontal fashion with the first section being notes.  The week runs Monday-Sunday and both Saturday and Sunday get a full section.  I love how minimalistic these weekly sheets are, giving the user the ability to add what they want and not have to worry about extra fluff they don’t need.  Holidays are not marked in either the monthly or weekly view.


The back of the planer has another clear sheet and a nice little “Right Now” insert that can be used to hold your place.  The back cover has a deep pocket which would be great for a notepad.


Final thoughts:

Overall I think this is a great A5 planner for those on a budget but I can see where the binder might not last forever. Attached to the snap comes a little key chain piece and on mine you could see where the pleather was already wearing.  Because this is not real leather I am not sure how long it will last when used daily. Also the stitching feels like it could be a little stronger. Of course, if you don’t feel like spending a lot of money and want to try an A5 or you keep your planner nicely on your desk then they would be perfect.  I am going to look for some A5 daily dated inserts to use with this in July when my current work planner is finished.  Overall I think this is a great, affordable planner and a great way to get into using a binder planner system.  I am super glad that Webster’s was able to team up with Jo-Anns to sell this product locally.




  1. Sophie

    March 24

    I have read it. I like your reviews. Recently I subscribed to your updates.

    I use the webster a couple of month now. I take it everywhere and in my bag it had a lot of falling on the ground etc. but it still looks very good and not broken. So I think it’s pretty firm.
    The penholder holds a pen well and the tab right now is very cute and functional. I stick sticky notes to it.

    I moved the tabs from the front to the Back because all the extras to flip over all the time to get to the current week dwere annoying to me.

    First I thought that all the extra sheets were handy and lovely. But actually , I don’t use it. So I’m going to take them out.

    I do agree that the tabs are really cute.
    The weekly inserts I think are really pretty and the paper is very firm. It’s simple but classy because of the golden imprint.

    If you don’t like horizontal layout, on etsy there are a couple of good webshops who made a vertical laoyout with a daily wide of the HP of ECLP.
    But it get really small and therefor some choose to have one week on four pages. I tried that but that I didn’t like because I like seeing the whole week.

    To take it with you it’s very easy. Easier that the mambi hp.
    But for me it’s to much sheets/tabs at theinside that I don’t use.

    And now I bought a mambi hp and I think I’m going to use that one. I love there’s just the month/week pages and no other stuff. Only thing is that i miss storage space but I ordered the pockets so that problem is loved. And I find that one really big. But today the smaller discs wil arrive so I’m going to downsize is and take a half year with me. See if that works.

    • Amber

      March 24

      Thanks so much for sharing this info! I don’t mind the horizontal layout, but I will be adding daily inserts as I need all the space for work. I’m glad you like the happy planner! It is nice and simple and then you can add stuff with pockets or a punch. Enjoy!

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