Bills planner printable (Happy Planner & A5 size)

April 4


FREE bills printable for the Happy Planner and a5 planners. Perfect for Filofax, kikki k, personal, and weekly planners

I don’t know about you, but am always worried about forgetting a bill.  I have and use my planner, and I write down some bills in there, but I am always going over a mental list of my bills to ensure I am not forgetting something.  To help with this I made this nifty bill sheets to write down all my bills and then I can check them off when they are paid.  A nice simple visual reminder.  I made this printable in two sizes.  One for the Happy Planner and another for A5 planners.



These files are in PDF format. If you are printing the Happy Planner size print onto 8.5 x11 paper and then cut.

For the A5 size I have the page sized to fit.  Cut your paper to size first and then choose A5 for the paper size when you print. (Confused? Click here.)


Happy Planner bills printable (PDF)

A5 bills printable (PDF)


As for paper, I like this cardstock. Cut out along the gray lines to get the correct page size and then punch and add to your planner!


Need a punch?

Buy the MAMBI Happy Planner one here, or get this one off amazon for only $19 and free prime shipping.

An A5 person?  swear by this punch.  It works for A5 and personal size planners.

Need a planner? Try this undated version so you can begin it whenever you’d like!

Not sure what all this about a Happy Planner is? Click here for my full review of the planner.

Interested in my a5 planner?  Click here for a review.



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  1. Veronica Rivera

    May 2

    I wasn’t able to print this 🙁 the print preview page showed it cut off. Any suggestion?

  2. Ang

    May 9

    It’s cut off for me as well. 🙁 But it looks useful! 🙂

    • Amber

      May 9

      Oh, I thought I fixed this. I will have to pull up the file again on my PC and make it into another PDF. Sorry!

      • Veronica Rivera

        May 9

        It’s okay, I thought it was my printer. Please do, I would really love to have it in my planner. By chance do you have a PDF for a password tracker? I couldn’t find one.

  3. Tara C.

    December 2

    Just wanted to say Love your blog page!!!!

    • Amber

      December 2

      Thanks! ❤️

  4. Kristen

    August 22

    I would like to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for making this printable sooo easy to use & print!!! I was on pinterest and tried to print similar forms and had NO luck. Once again THANK YOU!!

  5. Jane

    October 13

    I can’t seem to get anything to download to my PDF! What am I doing wrong? Please help me!

    • Amber

      October 13

      If you click where it says happy planner (PDF) it should either open in your browser or download to your computer. I just checked it using the chrome browser.

  6. Claudia

    September 6

    Thank yo very much!!!

  7. Diane taber

    April 30

    Hi I’ve just started my journaling planner book.and need some printables. To be able to get my planner together and need some stickers and some washi tape please.

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