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April 11



The simplified planner review.  A review of the 2016 simplified planner by Emily Ley.  This is a dated daily coil bound planner like the Day Designer  So as you may know from my latest planner review, I recently purchased an a5 planner from Webster’s Pages.  Anyways, I had planer to used that planner as my work planner, but I had a hard time finding the best dated daily pages for it. That was, until I ran across an instagram post about putting a Simplified Planner into an a5.  I saw it and LOVED the idea.  It fit perfectly and her pages are perfect.  Because it is early April, I was able to purchase the planner in a boutique for 40% off which was a great deal.  (FYI this planner is currently sold out online but they will be introducing an academic version soon.) I wanted to share a quick review of this planner because I am really loving it and want to share a little about it.

In case you are not familiar with the Simplified Planner, it is the creation of small business owner Emily Ley.  She created her own brand to produce and sell items to help women live a simple, intentional life.  She has been making this planner since 2008.


The cover of this planner is a nice hard cardboard.  I love how sturdy it is and can tell that this planner is made to last. Each year Emily releases the planner with a few cover options.  The one I grabbed was baby blue with white dots.  The coil is large but sturdy.  I can say from experience that a coil that seems larger than necessary is a good thing because by the end of the year your planner will be so stuffed with notes and papers that it will need all that space.  It is important to note that inside under the paragraph “Caring for your simplified planner,” Emily mentions that the planner is meant to be used lying flat and not folded over.  She also says that it should always be opened and closed from the front cover, not the back.  This is to keep the wire i good shape.


Inside you’ve got a sturdy pocket which is the perfect size for many of Emily’s other products.  The front page is set up for your personal info.  Be sure to add your name and some contact information here so that if your planner is lost it can find its way back to you.  Worried about the finder not calling?  Mention a reward!


Inside there is a super sweet note from Emily about how and why she created this planner.  Have I mentioned how sweet and inspiring this woman is?  I cannot wait for her book to come out.  One the next few pages after the note Emily goes on to explain how to use the planner and great tips on how to plan your life and focus on what really matters in life.  Seriously, this lady is super inspiring.


img_3945Before the actually calendar pages start you’ve also got a 2016 at a glance, a spot for a 2016 bucket list, and a list of 2016 holidays.




Each moth includes a monthly view calendar with a Sunday – Saturday setup.  (So many planners put this page as a Monday- Sunday which really doesn’t work for me.)   There are also flags at the top of important dates  with holidays.


The daily page setup includes two columns.  Today and To Do.  Today is a dated calendar from 6 am – 9 pm.  One line per an hour.  The To Do column is just that.  A place to list you’re tasks with radio buttons to check off once they are completed.  The bottom of the sheet had a large spot for Dinner and Notes.

The weekend is together on one page with a half size untimed Today and a To Do column.   Sunday has a Weekly prep list to help you get yourself prepared for the week.  There is also a section between the days to jot down a happy memory from the week.  This is great for those who save their planners to review later.


The paper in the planner is thinner than that of thick weekly planners like The Happy Planner, but it needs to be to be able to fit the entire year into something manageable.


Of course, I told myself that I was going to uncoil this planner to place it in my a5, but its so pretty.  Do you have this planner?  Are you considering it?  Are you an Emily Ley fan?



  1. E Smith

    April 14

    I purchased this planner last year and was sent a monthly instead of weekly version. I contacted customer service and their resolution , after many responses saying they did not see my order, was to say oops and here’s a coupon to buy another one at a slightly reduced amount. I like the planner but as a business owner do not appreciate such poor service. I would not use or recommend them.

    • Amber

      April 15

      Oh no! That’s not good. I’m sorry that happened, it’s not the kind of service id expect from that company.

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