How to get the most out of Amazon Prime

May 25
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How to get the most out of your

Hey guys, I wanted to put together a quick post about Amazon Prime.  I am always running into people who are not aware of what all the membership, which most of the already have, entails them to!  Anyways, I have had Prime off and on for the last 6 years and I have to say, the benefits are better than ever.


Free shipping-This one is a no-brainer; everyone knows Amazon Prime includes free shipping, but I’d be remiss to not mention it here.


No- Rush Shipping This is one of my favorite features.  I order a lot on Amazon, but I only need half of the products right away. If I don’t need the product ASAP I selection no-rush shipping at checkout.  Be selecting this option Amazon will give me a credit. Usually its $1 towards ebooks, digital TV or digital TV/movies.  Sometimes it is a $2 digital content credit, and sometimes it is a $5.99 prime pantry credit. (More on that later.)


Amazon Prime Same Day This is a newer feature and is available in 27 metro areas.  See if your area is available by checking your zip code here.  Items ordered before noon will arrive by 9pm.


Amazon Prime NOW- Another new service, Amazon Now delivers products to your home within one or two hours.  Again, this service is only limited to limited metro areas,  When we begin the process of purchasing our next home you’d better bet I will be checking their service area. Just think, I could order a few items before work and have them delivered before I get home.  I will do anything to avoid a trip to the store.  Time is money.


Amazon Music -Amazon music is basically Spotify included for free with your account.  This means you can search for, listen to, and download music to your computer, phone, or tablet for no additional cost.  Although not every artist or album are included, many are.  Really want an album that isn’t available for free?  Use the no-rush credits that you have saved up to purchase it!  Also, you can import your own music to Amazon for your own personal use which you can stream from the cloud or download onto any device.  I have the amazon music app on my phone so I can download songs to listen to in the car without having to use my data plan.


Amazon cloud storage– Although I haven’t gotten the chance to play with this feature, I am trilled that Amazon offers free cloud storage. Prime members get free unlimited photo storage as well as 5GB of stores for videos and files.  This is great for people on the go who need to access files from multiple computers.  I can see myself using this to store files for work that I want to look at at home.


Prime Pantry- This is Amazon’s answer to grocery delivery services.  Prime Pantry allows you to order general items you’d purchase at a drug or grocery store with delivery to your home in five days.  These products do come with a $5.99 per box delivery fee.  Because of the delivery cost I have only used this service a few times, but it is efficient and the prices are competitive.  There is usually a free shipping promotion available if you buy five of a group or products, keep an eye out.


Prime Video– Amazon Prime Video is a streaming tv/movie service similar to Netflix and Hulu.  Amazon carries popular shows and movies along with their own original content. We use the Fire TV Stick to watch the content on our television.  My favorite part of this service is that if we have a movie we’d like to watch that is not available for free we can purchase or rent the title.  This is great for newer movies or random TV episodes.  I used my no-rush credits so these purchases are free.


I hope this little post helped give you an idea about all the awesome things you can do with your prime account.  I know for me the value is great. What do you think?



  1. Monica

    June 17

    This information was very helpful. I wasn’t aware of the Amazon Cloud feature. Thanks for sharing!

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