Moving supplies checklist and free printable box labels

May 18
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Moving supplies checklist and free printable box labels (1)

Due to a relocation for work  we have decided to sell our little pink house.  We love this house, but it is just too far away from everything.  We are super excited for the new house, but are dreading the moving process.  It seems in the three years we’ve been here our possessions have multiplied. Anyways, we have just begun the packing process and I went ahead and put together some box labels and figured I’d share them with you all.  Also, I am sharing links to a few moving supplies I am using. I don’t have alot of time to waste running around finding moving supplies so I just went to Amazon and ordered picked out the most useful (and budget friendly) moving supplies.

Moving boxes
Yes, you can scrounge around and find boxes from work, friends, and the grocery store, but  being that I’m short on time I went ahead and grabbed this set.  20 medium boxes for $40 is perfect.

Bubble wrap
I was recently gifted dishes from a family member and I am scared to death of breaking them so for $15  I was able to get a ton of bubble wrap to secure them tightly.  peace of mind is worth it.

6 pack tape with dispenser
I swear most of my time actually packing boxes is wasted looking for tape.  This time I went ahead and grabbed 6 rolls of tape (with dispensers) so I’ll never have to run around looking for the one roll of tape again.

Mattress cover
Want to keep your mattress nice? We purchased a new mattress about a year ago and I want to keep it nice during the move.  I went ahead and grabbed these mattress covers to protect it from dirty hands and trucks.

TV moving box
Have a nice TV?  Consider investing in a box to move it.  I have heard many horror stories about newer flat screen tvs being dropped and broken.  Hopefully one of these nice padded boxes will prevent mine from an accident.  They come in multiple sizes for every TV.

Have kids?  Grab this little book on moving to help explain the process to them  The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day


Below is the link to the PDF file of the moving labels. I printed these on sticker paper and then cut them out and stuck them on the boxes.  I made four of each room, but feel free to print more of what you need.  Don’t forget to number the boxes to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Moving Labels



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