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June 27

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How I functionally plan my week in The Happy Planner

As you may know, today is the first day in the new 2016-2017 Happy Planners.  In honor of today I wanted to share a little bit about how  use my Happy Planner to organize and plan my week.  I know I have posted on this topic before, but today I want to focus on the parts of the week planner that i use and how.  This post will be about what works for me; of course everyone’s life is different so my system may not work for you, but it might give you ideas and insight into how to make your planner work for you. Please not that although this post in similar to a “plan with me,” I will be focusing on my general layout/planing system instead of the creative process of putting together an appealing layout.


First of all this planner has a Monday start. Because of this I sit down before the start of the week and start thinking about the week ahead.  I prefer to do this on Sunday, but it could happen any day Friday-Sunday that I have the time.  First I speak with my husband and jot down his schedule for the week as well as any engagements he has or has roped me into.  Because he works in entertainment his schedule is not fixed. I like to know his additional plans for the week as well so that I can plan means or plan my own events.   Now that I have an idea of the general make up of the week I can sit down with the week view of my planner.


The first thing I do with my weekly view is my decorating.  As you my have noticed from my spreads, I tend to keep my weekly layouts simple with lots of white space.  Today I went a little wild and downloaded a free printable weekly kit from My Planner Life.  I stumbled upon her blog last week and it is awesome!  She also includes free Silhouette files so you can print and cut her stickers.  I chose this kit for the week of June 27-July 3rd.


When I place my stickers I am already thinking about where and how I want things.  I keep the same basic setup each week so it is relatively easy.  The top section of each day is my to do list.  This is where I jot down tasks as they come to me.  I refer to this section the most and I like it to be simple and readable. This is also where I place functional icon stickers like yoga, trash, and others.

In the middle section of each day I have a place for my dinner plan, my  husband’s work schedule, and any other events or important things going on that day.  I also mark holidays, important work meetings, and other events in this space.  If you have kids this is a great place to record their events, playdates, or school functions. Or, if you’re in school jot down your own school events.  I write down all or most of my meals at the beginning of the week.  After they have been decided on I look through my fridge and pantry and add any grocery items that I need to my grocery app, AnyList.  This app shares my list with my husband so that we can both add to the list as well as see it when we are in the store.  I am notorious for writing a great shopping list only to leave it at home or end up shopping before I was planning on it.

Note on work meetings: I have a separate daily planner for work, however I have been leaving it at work at night so I don;t look at it before I leave the house.  If I have something for work that I need to remember before I leave the house I add in in my personal planner.  All other work events and notes are in my work planner.

The third section of each day is where I do my blog planning.  I like to write down the posts that need to go up along with reminders to do social media.  I also jot down any blog related to-dos in that section as they come to me.

I tend to switch up what I use the sidebar for.  This month I am tracking my spending.  This way I can go back and see if there are any areas in my life where I need to cut back.  In the past I have used this area for a grocery/shopping list, packing list, or just general notes.  See what works for you.

Although I like to decorate my planner I always try to keep the focus on functionality first. This means a neat organized layout with space to write down everything I need in a clear and logical fashion.  With the start of this new planner I am working to dedicate myself to really following through with my plans.  To do this I am making it a habit to look at my planner first thing when I get up as well as right before bed.  This way I can ensure I am reviewing the day and preparing for whatever I will need.

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  1. Abby

    March 12

    Thank you Amber for the post!
    I am new to the Happy planner. Your post helped me organize the sections into a more practical way. I love the sticker idea ( childhood memories) but I would like to write more in it to help me go through the days in an organized fashion. I bought a bunch of stickers though out of excitement and the passion for stickers. Your post helped me have a general idea of the layout and how I use the boxes of each day.
    I like to add the weather at the top. :)

  2. Suziesview

    March 13

    Oh my gosh. I really enjoyed seeing how you set up your week in the planner. I too use the happy planner and love them. I have two of them the classic for my home managment & the med size for my blog business & other business.

  3. jocelyn

    January 11

    I love the layout and how non overwhelming it is! What type of paper do I need to buy for the printables? I see so many great links that honestly would be better thaqn what I have, but unsure what to buy to print them. Did you buy the hole punch or use something else? Thanks so much, you have inspired me to look into it more!

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