The move part 2: Preparing your home for sale

June 18
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One of the major aspects of our move is getting our house ready to put on the market.  We met with our realtor and went over a few simple things we could do to get ready.



1. Remove the clutter
My husband and I are both big collectors. We have stuff.  We love our stuff and love having it in our home, however our prospective buyers  may not love the Pyrex, Lego, and Robots we adore.  Because of this we removed these personal touches to make our home look as clean and hotel like as possible.  We also went through and cleaned up any piles of random stuff sitting around.  This included old cards on the entertainment center, knickknacks, and family photos on the walls.


2. Really remove the clutter
We rented a storage unit on a month by month basis to store our belongings.  Interested in free moving labels? Check out this post. This way the stuff really was gone which made our house look larger which was great.  Look into specials at companies in your area.  Many offer a discount up to a free first month.  This is great if you only plan on staying a few months! (Tip: Select a drive up unit, its worth it.)


3. Refresh
We really wanted to give our bathrooms and master suite a spa like feel.  To achieve this we bought new towels, bath mats, and a shower curtain to freshen up the rooms. We generally prefer to keep our bedroom fairly dark, but for the sale we opened up the room, removing the blackout curtains, and opening the roman shades. Just like in the other rooms, we really cleaned out the clutter putting it away in storage.


4. Open the closets
Just like the rest of the house, your closets will look larger with less stuff.  We are selling our home in the summer so we placed our winter clothing along with special occasion clothing in storage to open up closet space.  Closets, especially large master closets, are a selling point in homes.  Make sure all walk in closets are  sparsely filled and welcoming so that potential buyers can walk in and imagine their stuff in their without feeling crowded out by yours.


5. Clear the kitchen
You’ve seen kitchens in magazines, they have wide open counters with only a coffee maker or less on them.  When staging your home to sell remove as much as possible from the counter.  We went ahead and stored some of the extra dishes in our cabinet which allowed us a cabinet to use for all those things we like to keep on the counter.  This way we had access to them, but the house was ready to show at a moments notice. Don’t forget to remove artwork and magnets from the fridge.


6. Remove pets
Once you are into the part of the sale where you are showing the home any animals need to be removed.  For us this was the hardest part.  Ask friends and family if they are able to watch your pets in their home as you want to remove any pet hair and scent from yours.  TIP: Even if you don’t notice a pet smell in your home, others may.  As a truthful friend without pets if they notice anything when they walk in.  After we removed our pets we deep cleaned the area of the home where the spent the most time and where we stored the cat litter boxes.


I know this all sounds overwhelming when you read it all at once, but take it a day at a time and work on one area a day.  This helps to divide the workload and give daily jobs and goals.


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