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August 5
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If you’ve been following my recent posts then you know I purchased the new rose gold happy planner(review here)  at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased this item with the intention of making it into a blog planner to help me keep myself on track with posts, social media, and misc tasks related to the care and upkeep of this blog.  Anyways, what I was really excited about with this planner was the opportunity to combine it with my regular Happy Planner and then only have one to keep track of.  Anyways, this is how I did it.


After looking at the planners I figured out how I would go about this task .


I would place the entire month from one planner in front of the entire month from another planner.  I chose to keep with my Sugar and Spice Happy Planner and insert months from the rose gold planner into it.  For starters I just inserted August, September and October. I do not have expander rings in this planner so I do not want it to get too chubby.  If it does get too big I will remove the end of the year from it as it is a 18 month planner which is quite long.


All I did was grab the entire month from the tab until the “currently” page for the next month from the 2nd planner and then I inserted it right before the same month in the new planner.  Super easy and just too minutes!



Here is August from the rose gold planner about to be inserted into my home planner.


Here you can see first page that I inserted.  For August I inserted the sheets one by one, but after that I just pulled them out by month.


I really think I am going to enjoy the doubled planner.  I have been trying to focus on having all the information that I need on me at all times and with this I only have one planner to grab to work on my home and blog duties both at home and away.  I plan to bring this planner with me to work so that on my lunch break I can make calls or work on blog tasks without having to rack my brain to remember what I am supposed to do.


Of course, as soon as I finished this project I realized that I wanted to have both planners in the rose gold planner instead, but hey, I can work on that another day.


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