Month: September 2016

Happy Planner home hack

  So we’ve purchased our new home and are beginning to get settled in and are at the point where we are starting to actually start the projects we have talked about. One of the first projects we want to tackle this fall is landscaping. […]

How to freeze fruit to use in infused water

Have you tried infused water? Over the summer I became OBSESSED with it. It all started when my husband put some strawberries in some water he prepared for me and I fell in love with the beverage immediately. As someone who drinks large quantities of water […]

How I BuJo in my HP

  As you my know, I am a planner fan. I love writing things down and I love having a plan for my days. Using my planner really does help me get the most out of every single day which is super important for a […]

Painted craft pumpkins

As a resident of Florida I always get jealous when I start to hear about friend up north placing pumpkins on their doorsteps in late September and early October. I’d love to start decorating with pumpkins, but it is just so hot here that they […]

Why I don’t have a bullet journal

    Alas, bullet journaling, the latest of the planner crazes sweeping the planner world.  If you’re not familiar with Bullet Journals (BuJos for short) they are a DIY planner and list book generally stored in a small bound notebook. The idea behind a BuJo […]

Fall crafting round-up

Its that time of year again, time for the weather to get crisp, the leave to turn, and the DIYers to get out their glue guns. Today I am sharing a few home decor crafts I found on Pinterest and fell in love with.  I […]

Simple pantry organization with the Konmori method

If you’ve been following along here at Downston then you know we’ve recently moved into a new home.  The move was a rushed one and we scheduled ourselves to hold a party the following week to push us to unpack quickly.  Well we did unpack quickly […]

What I read- August

August was another busy month for me but I was able to squeeze in a few audio books during my commute and home time.  Here is what I read and my thoughts about these books. Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman My husband grew up in […]

August Favorites

August was a pretty hectic month here, but I did try a few new things and have been impressed. Amazon Prime NOW Now that we are residents of a major metropolitan we are able to reap new benefits of our Amazon Prime account. One of […]

Six tips for saving money at Michaels

If you’re anything like me, then you love craft stores. I am there all the time for planner supplies, personal craft supplies, work supplies, and sometimes just to get some inspiration.  However, if you’ve ever been in Michael’s then you know you can easily drop […]