How to freeze fruit to use in infused water


Have you tried infused water? Over the summer I became OBSESSED with it. It all started when my husband put some strawberries in some water he prepared for me and I fell in love with the beverage immediately. As someone who drinks large quantities of water I loved how this made my go to drink just a little more fun but still super healthy.  I know there are many of health claims about infused water, but to be honest, I drink it for the taste.


Of course once I started making these delicious drinks I realized that cutting an entire piece of fruit for just one drink was a little bit of overkill so I started looking into ways to freeze my favorite infused water fruits to add to my drinks as needed.


We already froze strawberries regularly for our smoothies so that was already a given but I was curious as to what else would (or would not) work so I started cutting things up and freezing them.


These items all froze great:


I sliced lemon,  lime, oranges, and a cucumber and spread them out on a cookie sheet to freeze.  By freezing this way they have a better chance of not sticking together when in the freezer. If you were to just toss them in a bag without flash freezing on a cookie sheet first they would freeze into one big glob. Not what we are looking for.

img_4712Freeze the tray for a few hours. The longer you leave it it, the more dried out the fruit will get, so keep it short. Then just toss them in a zip top back and stick them in the freezer and you’re good to go.


When it comes time to make your water simple take out the items you want and toss them in.  Keep in mine that because these fruits are frozen they will take a little water to flavor the water.  Id suggest making the water a few hours ahead or overnight for the fullest flavor.  Be  sure to serve over ice for a nice crisp taste.


Thirsty yet? 😉

My favorite way to enjoy infused water is out of this pitcher,  or in a mason jar with a lid from The Mason Bar Company.

What is your favorite infused water combo?  Share it with me!

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