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December 10
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One of the things I love about the blogging world is the way we get to peek into the lives and homes of others. I love how during the holidays bloggers open up their homes online and share how they have decorated or prepared for the holidays. I know it sounds simple, but this little glimpse into the lives of others always feels special to me and a great way to feel closer to the blogger.

Today I want to share my home with you via some photos of our holiday decor.  I had planned on sharing more of our new home after we moved in, but I really hadn’t felt that it was anywhere near done until this past weekend when we finished decorating and held our holiday party. It really does not feel like our home which really does fill my heart with joy.  <3

How about we get on to the photos?


I’ll start with the front porch. I don’t do the big beautiful front decor that some do. Lets be honest, I am lazy and cheap, but I do like to add seasonal flowers and a wreath. As you can see my door is in need of a new coat of paint, but that is a project for 2017.  The wreath is from Wal-Mart of all places!


Our home has a fun little foyer that I am still getting the hang of decorating. When you open the front door you are greeted by a large mirror. I currently have a love-hate relationship with the room and the mirror; I feel like it might be weird and dated and yet I also feel like it is a cool aspect of our home that is fun. So I leave it there. When we viewed the home the prior owner had a cute glass table which my husband loved, but I haven’t gotten around to looking for one of those, and this one was $10 at a thrift store. I plan to refinish it, but haven’t yet, that is why we have two place mats as a little tablecloth on it.  Sneaky, I know.  The marque is the Heidi Swapp Lightbox (which we LOVE) with the holiday wreath pack.  We keep this light box on the table and decorate it with images or text based on the time of year. It ads a great personal touch. I also filled our decorative bird cage with extra tree ornaments as a way to add some color and pop. I think it worked. Of course we also added a fall candle to add some welcoming scents to the entryway.


Our living room is done in tan and red so it already has a “Christmas-y” feel to it. I love how warm and cozy these colors are, especially in the winter.  After the recent addition of the rug this room was really coming together…(yes, the rug really tied the room together 😉 .)  Last week, right before our party the coffee table, that I had been planning on replacing, broke when we tried to move it with too much weight on it. It was perfect timing really, as it opened up the room for the party and got me moving on getting it replaced. So the room is a little more open that usual, but it works for now.

When we purchased the home I immediately pegged that front corner as our tree location. I love trees that are visible from the street; it reminds me of driving around and seeing the lights on homes as a child and seeing the tree inside and how happy the family must be.  This led me to always wanting my tree in the front of our home.  We do our tree as a traditional family tree. We do not pick a color scheme each year and generally only add the few ornaments we have purchased or been gifted. Many of our ornaments hold special meaning to us we enjoy putting them up together each year. Maybe next year I will share a few of them. 😉


When we purchased the home, one of the selling points was this beautiful stone fireplace in the living room. I know it doesn’t make a ton of sense in Florida, but it really makes the house a home. As you can see the fireplace does not have a mantle so we used 3m command strips and hooks to hang the stockings.  Worked perfectly.  I also decorated the fireplace with a cute little banner from the Target dollar spot, a lantern from Kohls and some crackers a friend brought for our party. (More on that later)

Because of the design and color of the room this is just about all we do for this room.  We put out a few little holiday knick·knacks on the tables and call it a day. This year we did not decorate the top of the TV cabinet as it was already in holiday colors.   I usually put out something on the coffee table, but like I mentioned, we don’t have one right now so that solves that problem.


Because of the party I did a little more decorating than usual in our dining room. The dining room is a very central part of our home and I knew our guests would be spending quite a lot of time in this room. Because of this I wanted to a few little things and of course not go out and spend a lot of money.

Our old home had white pillars out front and I had this lighted garland that I wrapped around them. We did not use this in the outdoor decorating of the new home so I doubled it up, added a ribbon, and draped it onto the curtain rod for the patio.  Perfect, and all I had to do was purchase the ribbon.


I generally add something to the buffet mantle and this year this is where i added some new items. I picked up the candles at Michael’s as a fall clearance item knowing that gold is a year round color and that I could use them for whatever I wanted. I purchased the “Cheer” sign from Jo-Ann Fabrics and the table runner is from the Target Dollar Spot. (I think it was a fall item as well.) I purchased the poinsettias seen around the home at Lowe’s on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Pro tip: The $.99 flowers sell out fast on Black Friday but the sale lasts for several more days. Check back in a few days and your store may have another batch in. I purchased these on Monday after Thanksgiving.  These are great to add color to the home or for gifts.

The bar table is actually an outdoor table that we brought in to use for the party. I added an old tablecloth and it worked great.  We decided to leave the table up until after the holidays as I am sure having a beverage station and extra table will be helpful throughout the holiday season.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my holiday home.  My hope is that this brings you a little insight into my life as well as some holiday cheer and inspiration.

-Amber D.


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