What I do with old planners

August 8

One of the questions I always get asked is what I do with my old planers. I know everyone’s answers and reasonings will be different, but my answer is a easy one. I keep them. I store old planners on a shelf in my office; close enough to be grabbed and reviewed at any time. I do not keep old planners that I did not use. I keep my planners for both practical and sentimental reasons.  These reasons work for me but may or may not work for you.

When I start a new planner for a new year I go back to the monthly spreads of my previous planner to find any important reoccurring dates; birthdays, anniversaries, ect. I also note the date of events that happen every year such as 5Ks and festivals. Generally speaking these types of events take place on the same weekend such as the third Saturday in July. If the upcoming event is just an estimated date I put it on a sticky note and put that in the monthly spread of my new planner. This makes planning out vacations and other events much easier.

I also use my old planners to remember when things happened. Often times I will reember something like “I don’t remember the day she had the baby, but I know it was the same day as my hair appointment and I think it was July.” Then I can go to July, see when I had my hair done, and make a pretty good guess that is the child’s birthday. I also go back and use my old planners to remember when the last time I had a doctor’s appointment, had the carpets cleaned, and other infrequent tasks. I win a lot of bets with my husband this way. 🙂

The last reason I keep my old planners around is for the sentimental value. Just flipping through an old planner or notebook from a few years ago opens up a whole wealth of memories that you may have almost forgotten happened. Just like we take vacation photos to remember great trips, flipping though an old planner is like a trip down memory lane remembering what life was like then. I am sure these memories will be even more precious as time goes by.

Do you keep old planners? What do you do with them? Share below!


What I do with old planners

  1. Joan Sullivan

    November 28

    Hi, your post came up for my question what are the different sizes for planners with me and my big ideas.
    I am brand new two weeks!!
    I am so excited I can hardly wait for January 2018
    I had to put my cat down after 13 years of having him right by my side and one week later my mother died. I am lost or still not getting over this at all.
    I am trying to keep myself busy. I am out of work from injuries and surgeries for the past two years plus 3 months. Making the loss of my Mom and cat even worse (being home all the time.
    I have a passion and want for scrapbooking, journaling (bullet journaling), and always have a date book. I saw the planner at Michael’s and looked at it for quite sometime and all the accessories (stickers). I immediately was thinking this could be the salution for everything I want to do but don’t do!!
    I didn’t mean to get into all of that but I felt like sharing with someone who would understand! Thank you!

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