Old Navy fashion

May 9
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For most of my adult life I have been pretty loyal to Banana Republic and Gap for work staples. I like to think I am petty easy going with these items. All I want are items that cover me, fit well, and wash well. With staples like black work pants, being able to withstand wear is important as I wear them all the time.  As of late I have not been as happy with some of the items at those stores so I decided to check out Old Navy as I had seen many bloggers shop there. Generally when I think of Old Navy I think casual wear, but if you look closely they have quite a few options in the work wear category.

The Pixie Pant is of course a cult classic, but I also have found love for their high-waist pixie which boasts a flat front and comfortable elastic waistband on the interior. They have really stepped up their cardigan game as well with items like this one and this line of open front cardigans in all the colors. I have also been grabbing a few of their casual summer dresses  because they are so easy to dress up or down for work or weekend wear. Here in Florida simple dresses rule in summer.

As for more casual favorites, I love this tee and these sandals.

So for now, I will continue to shop at Old Navy and see what works for me. Of course, all the brands mentioned as part of the same company so who knows, maybe it is all basically the same thing.



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