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August 17
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It has been a few weeks since I posted one of these, but I didn’t have anything awesome to share…so I didn’t. You’re welcome. Today I am just sharing a few new things and a recipe I am loving.

First up, I have been doing some shopping at Madewell lately. Did you know if you are a Madewell insider (free) you get a code for $25 off in your birth month? Totally worth signing up. I used that combined with a sale to get this dress for a steal.  I love it with a denim vest. I already have this tank in a blush pink, but I ordered another in gray because it is just that good. The color is backordered, but being that I live in Florida tanks are  year round outfit.

Today I ordered two items I have been eyeballing for some time. The first one is this canvas transport tote in a blush pink color. (It keeps going out of stock, so keep an eye out.)  I have been on the lookout for a new carryon that would count as a “personal item” for Spirit and Frontier flights and this bag fits the bill. It will also be a perfect tote bag for work and busy days.

I also splurged and grabbed these mules. I know a lot of you are not mule fans, and frankly I still might be on the fence, but I want a new “fall” shoe and these are just too cute. We will see, there is still like a 50% chance I will return them.

I have begun putting in seeds for my fall garden and I am so excited. Here in Florida fall and winter gardens often have better luck than spring and summer because it is not as hot. This fall I am planting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, carrots, and radishes. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. If you have Florida gardening tips PLEASE send them my way.

We have been in a total food rut over here. The same meals over and over again are just getting boring. I’ve been trying to keep to healthy options that use easy ingredients and are simple to make. Tonight I made these Eggplant Pizzas and they totally hit the spot.  If you have other healthy options let me know!

That’s all for today, see you next week!


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