Travel Tuesday- Dollar Tree travel favorites

September 18
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I generally don’t like buying special travel products, but there are always a few things you need special. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to find many of those at the Dollar Tree. Today I’m sharing my favorite Dollar Tree travel finds. Enjoy!

One of my favorite things to grab are these travel bottles. I hate buying travel sized products as they are so expensive for what they are. This three pack of bottles is a steal for $1. I use them for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body wash.

We don’t take many medications but I do like to take some ibuprofen and allergy medicine with me when we travel. I bought this pack and just mix the pills together in one little tub. I also keep one of these in my bag all the time and one in my husband’s car so he always has them. These could also be used for small earrings.

I ran across these the other day and I fell in love. I have been working to reduce my disposable products around the house and one of the items I have cut out is face wipes. I didn’t use the wipes often, but I loved them for travel. While in the health and beauty isle I found these face cleansing cloths and they are perfect for home and travel. Use them with a regular face wash or just with some Micellar water for quick and easy cleansing.  I hand wash in the sink after each use and then toss in the wash with towels.

As I mentioned already, I don’t like to buy travel size products. My one exception to this rule is toothpaste. Grab one and an extra toothbrush so you don’t have to worry about remembering yours.

So that’s it. Like I said, I don’t buy a lot of special travel stuff, but these items all work super well for me. Do you have any awesome travel size items or Dollar Tree favorites?


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