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Current Amazon favorites

April 27
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Y’all know I love Amazon. For me, any time I can order something from them instead of stopping at the store to grab it is a win. In an effort to save time I am focusing on Amazon orders more and more. Honestly, knowing the item will be there in two days without checking four stores for the item is so worth it. Run out of soap or mascara? Boom- two days. (Or same day for some items.) So I figured I’d share a few of my current Amazon favorites.

I finally jumped on the Micellar water band wagon and I am already in love. For some reason when this product became popular I just figured it was some hyped up water so I ignored it. This “water” is great for removing makeup and sweat at the end of the day. I squirt some onto a few sheets of toilet paper to wash away the grime of the day. As a person with dry sensitive skin this is awesome. Also, it will take the place of makeup removing wipes on those days I am too lazy to do anything more.  I have this one from Amazon. (Wouldn’t this be great in a small bottle for travel?)

I’ve talked about it before, but if you need a basic mascara L’Oreal  Paris Voluminous Original Mascara is a great deal. Right now it is only $5.50 for a tube. This item is also available for the Subscribe and Save option. With this you get the item delivered every 1-6 months and you save 5% on each order. If you subscribe to five our more items you get 15% off everything. Once I finally pick my subscription items I will share them here on the blog.

You know this e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer has been one of my go-to items for awhile now. It does the job just as well as other brands and has great, useful packaging.  Try some of there other varieties as well to find your favorite.

Although I would like to try some other concealers, I find that my go to keeps being this NYX HD concealer.  It does the job as well as anything else and is only $5 or less. I use this along with NYX Dark Circle Concealer   to combat thin skin and blue tones under my eyes. #palegirlproblems.

So I was going to talk about some home stuff I have purchased, but it looks like this became a beauty only post. I am totally ok with this.

Ok, I will share one more. Although I did not buy this eyeliner on Amazon, I will next time. This L’Oreal eyeliner is super simple and a great everyday basic. I use it for a simple line on my upper lashes and can smudge it out with the bottom if needed. I also use it for lining my lower lid. Although I like something a little more dramatic for evenings, this stuff is great for everyday wear.




Fall favorites

November 13
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The heat is finally starting to subside here in Florida and so I figured it was time to talk about some new favorites.

I kind of have a thing with houseplants. It is kind of a love hate relationship. I love them, they hate me. I have been keeping my eyes out  for a fiddle leaf fig and a split leaf philodendron for some time, but hadn’t run across any that worked for me. This month I ran into both of them at Home Depot and was super excited to take them home. I just love the way a houseplant can add life, greenery, and warmth to a room. (They also make a great place for the lizards that sneak into my house to live.) Also, since they are INSIDE my home they are a little easier to remember to water as I see them every day. I also have a majesty palm and a corn plant.

I have never been a big tea drinker, however this fall I have started to get into drinking tea in the evenings. My husband and I enjoy having a cocktail or beer to unwind in the evening, but I was starting to feel that the unneeded alcohol and calories were starting to catch up with me. I knew that I still wanted a nice treat for the evenings and tea seemed to fit the bill. I have been enjoying herbal tea both at home in the evenings as well as in the afternoons at work. Usually around 3pm I want a little something but don’t want coffee anymore. I have been drinking this english breakfast tea at work. It has a higher caffeine content, but still lower than coffee.  I have been enjoying this herbal tea variety pack at home.

So, if you haven’t heard, Stephen King is kind of in right now. “It was super popular in theaters and everything eighties is great. Although I never read his older titles, I have enjoyed King’s newer works. They are more on the thriller/suspense side instead of horror. Anyways, his newest title, Sleeping Beauties came out back in September and is a great read. If you’re looking for a book to get lost in over the holidays, this is your book

Lastly, I am in love with these loafers from DSW. I used to be all about ballet flats, but when loafers started being a thing again a few years ago I was all in. I bought them in black but am probably going to go back for the taupe. They are the perfect blend between a work and casual shoe and super comfy.


Ok, that is it for today, what are you crushing on right now?


Early 2017 Faves

February 24
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Hey guys, I know I haven’t been doing regular favorites posts lately but I wanted to jump in and share some things I’ve been crushing on lately.

This is my version of the street tacos


If you know me, you know I love Mexican food and of course tacos.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking my taco making skills up to the next level with two AMAZING new recipes.  First I made these yummy Beef Street Tacos, and more recently I tried out these Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa.  Spoiler alert: They were both great and I can’t wait to work them into our meal rotation.


In other news, I’ve been working on my dining room lately. One of the new items I have added is this great teal rug from Walmart. Yes, Walmart! I was in there picking something up the other day and saw it and it was only $80 which was great.  I love the bold color, but if I get sick of it in a few years I can just replace it as I didn’t spend a ton of money on it.  Now that I have that rug in there I am going to be working the rest of the room around those colors.

I know I’ve got valentines colors in here, I’m working on that.


Both January and February found me visiting Antique Extravaganza at the Rennigers Flea Market here in the Orlando area.  First of all, (as I am sure you are wondering) yes, it is big enough of an event to be called an extravaganza. Anyways, I picked up two new cute home decor pieces; a window and a dough bowl.  I know these are both trend items and the bowl is reproduction, but I think they are super cute and really work in my dining room. (Which, as you recall, I am working on.)


I think it must be the early nightfall or the cool air, but I have just been loving curling up on the sofa after work with a good book and reading until bed. When I get out of the  habit of reading physical books I don’t miss it, but once I start back up I swear they are as addictive as coffee and Publix cookies. (Oatmeal Raisin of course.)
Not a favorite yet, but I am considering trying Lipsense. Have you tried it? Do you like it? I am looking for an Orlando area consultant so I can try it before I buy it. Not sure what Lipsense is? It is a long wear lipstick that appears to really stay for 18 hours. It is only sold via direct sales so ask around in your area for a consultant.


Anyway, I hope you liked this collection of a few random things I am enjoying.  Loving anything awesome? Share it with me in the comments! Want to see more things I love? Follow me on Instagram!


September Faves

October 3
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September was another crazy month for me. (It will die down soon, right?) The home we are selling was supposed to close at the end of August and we spent all of September extending and worrying about it. The sale ended up falling through but luckily we have already found another buyer.  With that and the stress of a new home I’ve been a little busy, but thats ok. Here are a few things I have been loving and some I’ve been crushing on.
Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin
I don’t do very  many slow cooker recipes as I am gone for too long during the day. (Most recopies are for 8 hours, I am gone 11 hours.) But once in a while, particularly on weekends, I like to try them out. I was excited to find both apples and pork loin on sale at my local grocer so I did some internet searching and came up with the recipe. I loved that it was simple and contained regular ingredients that I already have. It took minutes to make and looks like something I spent all day on.  It tasted great! Flavorful, but not overpowering.  We served it with potatoes and carrots. Don’t forget to garnish with the cooked apples, these were delish.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino
Every year as fall comes around basic girls flock to Starbucks for the famed PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte, for those of you living under a rock.) Sadly, I am not obsessed with pumpkin.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pumpkin, I am just not in love with it.  Anyways, it appears Starbucks re-introduced this beverage this fall wit their other fall beverages and I have been enjoying it. I love a good mocha frap, but the salted caramel really makes this something fun and unique. Best part? It’s offered year-round.  Keep an eye out though, these are high in calories, even if you get it light.

Heidi Swapp Lightbox
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few photos if my Heidi Swapp Lightbox.  We purchased this at Michael’s a few months ago and it is just the coolest. Its like having your own personal marquee in your living room. In our new home we placed it in the foyer and change the message from time to time. It is a great way to keep things new and fun while also highlighting special events and holidays.  Get yours here.

Ok, on to a few things I am crushing on.
7327d8b4d701929a81e39d90b574225f_bestRay-Ban Clubmaster
This summer I have been in love with the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. I’ve always been a Ray-Ban girl and I currently have a wayfarer style as well as aviators. So really, I have no need for another pair, but they are just so cute!  Anyways, I live in Florida and wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME so I will eventually have to pick up a pair of these.

a76de74ed879ca491d940533c6baf77e_bestLiving Proof Full Dry Volume Blast
I’ve also been very intrigued by the new Full Dry Volume Blast by Living Proof.  I’ve seen mixed reviews on the product so I haven’t tried it yet, but soon. I often feel like I am lacking in the volume department, especially on day two.  If this works like it says it would really go a long way in making my hair look awesome, but I will have to try it and see. Have you tried it? Please let me know what you thought!


Note: this post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase an item via a link on this page I will receive a small commission from the store.  This does not change the cost to you, in fact, I search for the best prices to share with you.  Any income earned via these links is used to support upkeep on this page. My printables are free.


July Favorites

August 3
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Well everyone, its official.  JULY is OVER. Crazy, I know.  Anyways, here are a few of my favorite things from July.  I hope that you enjoy some of them.

March Favorites (4)


Infused water
If you follow me in Instagram you may have noticed that I have been drinking and posting TONS of infused waters. My husband actually got me started on them and I love how much water I’ve been drinking lately. It is really working.  (Check out next week for my post with infused water tips and tricks.


happy endings

Happy Endings
This is a super cute TV show that we stumbled upon earlier this month. Our favorite character? Coach from New Girl as Brad Williams. This is one of those perfect cute little sitcoms to watch when you need to get your brain off of the crazy stuff on Stranger Times.



As you know, I am a HUGE audiobook fan and of course, also cheap.  I get most of my audiobooks for free from my library with Overdrive, but of course not everything is available.  Recently I was introduced to Librivox which is a website and app that provides free public domain audiobooks.  These books are narrated by volunteers all over the internet and although all are not awesome, many are.  Anyways, download the app, download  a few books, give it a try, or at least keep it on your phone for a rainy day.



Five Tribes

Now to get a little nerdy.  We love playing board games around here and this is our newest favorite. Its fun, but has a large learning curve.  If you love intense strategy board games than I suggest you check this one out, just watch some youtube videos to get a hang of the rules first.


With the closing of our next home next month I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest exploring new ideas and DIY projects.  Need some inspiration? Follow me there. (While you are here, check out my post on my recent Pinterest faves for the new house.)


May favorites 

June 8
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March Favorites (3)

Hey everyone. I’m just here to share my favorite things from May. Enjoy!


Genius Scan– I discovered this little app at work last week when I mentioned to a patron that he might want to scan a document and email it instead of faxing. Then patron then mentioned that he uses this app and so I tried it out and I love it. I do have a scanner at home, but this was super simple. All I had to do was take a photo of the document and then it coverts it to PDF which I can email to myself or anyone. I used the app on my iPhone 6s, but it also work for Android. I’d suggest using the app on a later model phone as it will need a decent camera to function. Did I mention? Its my favorite price, free!

I am currently loving L’oreal True Match Naturale Powder Mineral Foundation I purchased this item several months ago and then stuck it in my cabinet and forgot about it. Well a few weeks ago, after being fed up with a few other products, I whipped this out and promptly fell in love. I am a full coverage gal, and haven’t tried something as simple as a mineral powder foundation in several years. I used Bare Minerals in the past, but hadn’t in forever. Anyways, I think this product is better. Like with any other drugstore beauty product, I ditched the brush and use my Real Techniques buffing brush for application. I have been using this brush for liquid foundation as well and I love it. The powder goes on smooth and covers very well. The product is buildable and I usually place two coats on my more difficult areas such as my chin and under eyes. I think my favorite prat of this product is that is light and breathable. As someone who is familiar with full coverage foundations, I am also familiar with the weight of them. This powder is so nice and light I forget I am wearing it, which is awesome. The best part? It is only $14ish and available all over.

After my recent transfer to a new library I started noticing my eyes were twitching occasionally.  I looked into it and it turns out this is often caused by too much screen time with the wrong lighting, something I totally am dealing with at this new library.  To combat this issue it was suggested I try computer glasses.  After looking into this and making sure it wasn’t just  scam, I ordered a pair off Amazon.  The ones I ordered are not the top of the line glasses, but a god pair to try out the idea for $10.  So far I do notice it helping, I am also trying to cut back a little on screen time when I can.

While at the Orlando Fringe Festival this year I purchased this amazing BBQ Sundae.  I had one last year and they are amazing.  I wish I knew the name of the food truck vendor, but just trust me, its great.  They layer your choice of BBQ meat with beans, slaw, and a pickle and top it with a roll. A great, portable, meal for $10.

I know I’ve already mentioned in on the blog, but I’ve been living in the linen dress from Old Navy. I don’t shop there often, but when I do stop in I often find something I like. Check for sales, I was able to snag it for half off!


Note: this post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase an item via a link on this page I will receive a small commission from the store.  This does not change the cost to you, in fact, I search for the best prices to share with you.  Any income earned via these links is used to support upkeep on this page. My printables are free.

April Favorites

May 11
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March Favorites (2)


I know this post is a little late, but I just wanted to share with you a few of my current favorite things.



Food-: Sprouted grain bread
My parents started the Whole 30 diet in April.  One day I came over and was hungry; my lovely mother offered to make me a sandwich and being that that sprouted grain bread was the only bread option on the diet, she made me sandwich with it.  Sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel Bread, is made with grains that have already sprouted.  This is beneficial because the resulting bread is low in sugar and high in fiber and protein.  The bread is generally lower in carbohydrates and easier to digest for people with gluten sensitivities.  (NOT gluten intolerance.)   Best of all, it tastes good!  I have started purchasing this type of bread for my own personal use. It stores best in the freezer which is great as I don;t need to worry about finishing the loaf before it goes bad.

App: Later
Later is a great app for Istagramers with a business account. Instagram does not currently allow you to schedule posts for later so Later is a way to create a post with a caption and pick when you want to post it.  The app then sends you a reminder alert at that time and walks you through posting the photo and caption at the appropriate time.

Book: Me Before You
I went ahead and joined the bandwagon and listened to Me Before You by JoJo Moyes on audiobook in April.  I was able to download the audiobook on the Overdrive app for free via my library.  What was nice was that the app allows you to listen to books at different speeds.  I found that for this book 1.6x was the perfect speed and allowed me to cut the read time down which was nice.  (I am horribly impatient.)  The book is a sad one, but is a great story about disabilities and how life if like for those with them and their loved ones.


Beauty: Lights, camera, lashes™ precision  eyeliner

I recently got lights, camera, lashes™ precision eyeliner by Tarte in a gift kit I purchased and I am liking it.  I am the worst with eyeliner so I haven’t even been wearing it much lately.  This eyeliner is the “marker style,” so it is felt tip and easy to apply.  The tip is super fine but still easy to apply. I have been using it for a few days now and I am really enjoying the smooth line and how simple it is to apply.

TV:  Under the Dome
I know this isn’t a new show (or book) but after I finished 11/22/63 on Hulu I started watching Under the Dome as it is also based on a Stephen King novel.  Under the Dome is free to watch for Amazon Prime members.  (Not a Prime member? Click here for a free thirty day trial.) Anyways, I am only a few episodes in and I like it.  I haven’t read the book, but now I kinda want to.  We will see how I like the show after the first episode.  The show is about a small town which finds itself under a huge clear dome.  The citizens are left with whoever in under the dome so families as well as town government are in an upheaval.  .


Thats all for my April favorites.  Have you tried any of these?  What did you think?  Do you have any favorites from April? Share in the comments!

Look for my book post next week about everything I read in April.  It was a good book month around here.


March Faves

April 16
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March Favorites (1)


Currently watching: 11/22/63
I read the book back in 2012 and let me tell you, I loved every minute.  It took me FOREVER to get through it, its a long book, but it was worth it.  Naturally,,when Hulu announced that they were going to do a mini series on the book I was super excited.  The problem?  They announced the series in September with a February release date.  So of course I did what any sane person would do.  I made myself forget about the announcement because I am impatient and unable to wait that long.  Waiting drives me crazy. Anyways, fast forward to the middle of March.  I finally remember about 11/22/63 and decided to try it out.  Well folks, its good.  Hulu decided to follow  a regular T.V. style release of the show so viewers only get one new episode a week.  Lucky for me, I wanted so I was able to binge on 5 in a weekend.  It was awesome. Of course now I have to get around to watch the new few, but that’s ok.  Keep in mind that the show does not follow the book completely.  If this drives you crazy then skip this one, but overall (so far) I think this is a great mini series.

Currently eating:-Quinoa bowls
Guys, guys, have you tried a quinoa bowl?  It is basically  a heather version of a chipotle bowl.  You can add whatever you’d like and give it tons of flavor.  My favorite combo?  Avocado, kale, cilantro, salsa, and lime juice.  Super fresh and healthy.  Check out a ton of combination ideas here.

Currently reading: Horrorstor
This nifty paperback masquerades itself as an Ikea catalog.  Perfect coffee table book material! The book is a story of mysterious happenings inside an Ikea knockoff.  Although the title makes it sound scary, the actual book is more of a humorous casual read.  Perfect for weekends and the beach. as its not to deep.  Check it out if you’re looking for a good relaxed read.  Perfect for vacations. MY favorite part?  The illustrations of furniture inside just like  real Ikea catalog.

Currently testing:  Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren
Ifluencer sent me this fragrance to try out and I am really liking it.  It is a nice soft flirty scent that makes me feel young and cute, like a spring afternoon.  Try it out next time you’re at a fragrance counter.


Photo edited with PicTapGo
Current favorite app:  PicTapGo
This app is my current fav photo editor just because it is so easy.  It opens up to your camera roll so you grab a photo and then it lets you edit it with their suggestions and your own recipes.  Then you can save it to your camera roll or push it to social media.  It is so quick and easy I have been using it all the time.  Try it out! (I believe it is currently just for iPhone. Sorry android users)


February Faves

March 23
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I haven’t done a favorites post in a few months, but I wanted to share a few things that I have been enjoying.


Spin Pins
Have you seen these yet? I heard about this a little over a year ago and they are totally a game changer for us long haired girls.  If you’ve ever struggled with getting all of your hair into a bun then you will love these.  The claim is that one spin pin holds as much as 10 bobby pins.  Is this true? I don’t know, but I can put up all of my hair with just 2 Spin Pins.  (One if I am desperate.)  Grab a set and go for it.  TIP: You can find these for a a lot less around the internet, but just make sure they have the rounded tips or else they won’t glide into your hair as well.

Motivational water bottle
As part of my new years goals I’ve been focusing on drinking more water. I always thought that the water bottles with the times on it were gimmicky until I got this one and realized it awesome.  What better feeling than to be three hours ahead of yourself in drinking water! It really is great motivation, and its cute.  The bottle actually comes with a diffuser so if you don’t love water you can add fruit.  Personally, I prefer my water plain to I just took the middle part out.  What I really love though is that this is just a nice simple bottle. Its not fancy, it seals tight, and it is easy to drink from.  Overall, it can’t be beat for $9. planner inserts
Looking for free printable planner inserts? Check out Wendaful! My current favorite is their 2016 year at a glance. I have this in my personal planner and my a5 planner.


Mini Discs
If you’re a Happy Planner user then you might be aware of the new mini discs released by Me & My Big Ideas.  These little discs mean that you can turn anything into a small disc bound notebook.  Last week I shared a menu and recipe cards printable that I the used the mini discs to hold together.  These are great for mini planers, extension packs, and kids.



So those are a few of my current favorites.  What are yours?


October Faves

November 11
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One of the things I want to do with this blog is to share my favorite things.  Often times these are projects, recipes, and tips; other times they are just things.  This will be (hopefully) the first in an ongoing series of my current favorites as well as things I do not recommend.


This is the photo from target because I am lazy.


Pajama Pants
In September we did a Pajama Storytime at my library.  The kids were instructed to wear pajamas and so I figured it would be fun to wear some too.  Only problem?  I don’t really own pajamas.  I usually wear shirts and gym shorts to bed, if anything. 😉  So of course I used this as an excuse to get some super cute PJ pants.  I remembered seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Kate from wearing some cute ones from Target so I found myself a pair.  LET ME TELL YOU.  These are the most comfy pants ever. They are like wearing a warm loving hug on your legs. I would wear them every day, but I live in Florida and have a job. They claim they are a jogger which I guess is just regular pants, but they look like pajamas to me.  Regardless, I totally wore them to Publix last night.  Anyways,  check them out here.


Iphone 6s

I was an early iPhone user; I picked up a 3G on release day and keep up with them until 2 years ago.  I didn’t see anything great in the iPhone 5 so I switched to Android.  I had a Samsung Galaxy s4 for two years and it was fine.  Everything worked well, I just never happy with the photos.  The only pictures that came out good were ones that were lucky enough to have perfect lighting.  Finally, after 2 years I decided to go back to Apple only because I knew the camera was superior.  When out with my husband I had been making him take all the photos with his iPhone because I just knew mine was inferior.  So I went and upgraded and I was right, these photos are so much better.  I have nothing against android devices, I am just happy to have a good camera on my phone again.




Pour over coffee

While Charlie and I were on vacation in Chicago we stayed at a hotel that had a kettle and pour over coffee in the room. I tried it and liked it; I love how simple the whole thing is. You are in complete control of everything and it’s cheap! I picked up this pour over cup on Amazon for $5. Get yours here. (Mine is size 01)



Don’t judge my music tastes.


Amazon Prime Music

I have had Amazon Prime on and off over the last 5 or so years and I signed up again back in September.  I have been using it for the shipping and books and a few weeks ago I found out there was an Amazon Prime Music app as well.  I downloaded it and I LOVE IT.  Its similar to other streaming music and downloadable subscription services. You can stream artists, albums, playlists, ect and you can download them too.  Being that I have a new phone (with no music on it) I went ahead and downloaded several albums.  I love that I can download for use in the car and when I am away from wifi and I can also stream whatever I want.  I know the $99 Amazon prime annual membership is a little high just for the music, but if you were on the fence about it before and think you’d like this feature I want to let you know its worth it.   Purchase a prime membership here.


So those are my faves for this month. Do you agree?  What are your current faves?