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Documenting the Holidays with Project Life Scrapbooking

November 30
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Documenting the holidays with Project Life scrapbooking. December Daily overview as well as thoughts on christmas and holiday scrapbooking.

If you find yourself in communities of Project Life lovers then I am sure you have heard of December Daily.  For those not in the know, December Daily is the idea of doing a Project Life or scrapbook album for the month of December with a page dedicated to each day.  Because we have so many big events in December its great to just sit down and put it all into one album.  My take on December Daily focuses less of pages for each day, and more on the time from Thanksgiving to New Years.  For me, this will include our family thanksgiving, 2 birthdays, my anniversary, a bridal shower, holiday parties, a cruise, my nephew’s 1st Christmas, New Year’s, and my friend’s wedding on January 2nd.  Wow, just writing that all out is reminding me how busy this season really is!  Anyways,  I use 6x8in albums for my project life scrapbooks and I have purchased an additional 6×8 album for this project.  Heidi Swapp and Project Life have teamed up for a great line of products this year and I found my album at Joann’s from their holiday line.  Although I don’t plan to make a page for each day, I do want to use a number set to mark the day of the month the activities on the page are from. I picked up the MAMBI sticks Joy to the World set which includes  the numbers 1-25 for the christmas countdown.  So I won’t use all 25 numbers, but it will be a nice way to travel through December.  I will make a few cute date embellishments to denote the end of November and the few days of January that will be covered.  Of course, I have the entire month to work on this so who knows what changes I may make, but I am very excited to do my first Holiday Album. The embellishments on the left (Chipboard letters, christmas stickers and lights/candy canes are from the Target Dollar Spot, and the washi tape is just from my personal collection.  The silver letter stickers and the mambi small embellishments were also purchased earlier this year.




Instead of purchasing Project Life or other branded cards for my album I decided to just cut down scrapbook pages to fit my pockets.  Here are some that I grabbed on sale.  My Joann’s had a great selection of Christmas open stock paper as well as super cute embellishments and accessories.  I hadn’t been in there in awhile and didn’t realize how great their scrapbook section was.  I am looking forward to getting back over there.


Are you doing a December Daily album?  What album and supplies are you using?  Do you have a better idea?  Share in the comments!



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30 days of Gratitude with Project Life



30 days of Gratitude with Project Life Part 2

November 22
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So earlier this month I posted my plan for a 30 days of gratitude mini album for November.  I am making this album as a way to refocus myself and really understand who, what and why I am thankful.  I wanted this album to be a small item that I could keep on my desk or on my bedside table to be a constant reminder of all the amazing things that have happened and will happen in my life.  To assist with this, I made Project Life type cards to guide my pages and give me prompts for each day.  Although I am not doing this on a daily basis, I wanted to go with the 30 day system like in the Instagram type posts many do. (Search #30daysofthankful or #30daysofgratitude on Instagram for more information.)


So this is what I am doing for November, what are you doing?

Project Life Cards

Here is a PDF file of my 4×4 cards.

Days 8-30 of gratitude

Need days 0-7?  Check here.


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30 Days of Gratitude

November 7
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30 Days of Gratitude mini album and free printables! This was done using a 4x4 Project life album and page protectors. Great for 30 days of thanks or 30 days of gratitude or even December Daily!


If you’ve been on social media much the last few days you may have noticed 30 days of thanks or 30 days of gratitude.  These, like other monthly photo challenges are generally set up so that you have an assigned topic to photograph and write a few sentences about each day.  I love the idea of spending the month being thankful, however I didn’t feel the need to fill up my Instagram feed with the posts, and I wanted something that I can go back and look over throughout the year. I realized that the 4×4 mini photo albums made by Project Life, We R Memory Keepers, and others would be perfect for this.  I could add all my photos as well as journaling cards and have a nice compact album as a keepsake.  I will probably post some of the images on Instagram, and others I will keep just for myself.  I will update here on the blog as I progress.  Because I am making the album instead of daily posts I am not so concerned with it being a daily activity, but I at least want to sit down weekly and spend some time in thought about my gratitude.


This is the Heidi Swapp for Project Life 4×4 album.  I ran across it on clearance at Michaels.

I went ahead and made some 4×4 cards to use in my album to denote the days/pages. I have shared the intro card and days 1-7 here.  I will update this post with days 8-30 in a few days.  You are welcome to use these cards if you’d like.

30 Days of Gratitude 4×4 cards day 0-7 (Free printable!)


Are you doing anything special this month to share your thankfulness?  What are you doing?  If you’re doing an album what are you using?  Share below!

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Project Life Organization (on a budget)

November 3
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Project Life Card Organization on a budget with free printable!

So as you may gather by my last post, I am a big Project Life fan. I love collecting the little cards and using them for my albums as well as other craft/personal uses. However, as soon as I purchased more than one pack, I knew I was going to have an mess. I wanted a simple, organized system to keep them, and I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. (Really, I didn’t want to spend anything, I’d already spent enough on the project.)

I saw the cutest stuff on Pinterest with little carts, clear containers, wooden containers, so much stuff, but they were way over my non-existent budget so I started looking around at home.




These are the lovely boxes in question.

I have an obsession with these $2 photo boxes from Michaels. OK. Technically they are $3.99, but they are on sale all the time for $2 or less. I find them at $1.67 and then sack a 20% off coupon! Anyways, I found one that I haven’t even used yet and went to work. One of the boxes we purchased had these cool little dividers in it. They were fairly flimsy and kinda ugly, but it gave me an idea.

I took the divider and made my own in my computer and printed them on card stock. I then added the titles of the categories to them and put them in the box. I considered decorating them with washi tape, but I wanted the tabs to be easy to find among the cards so I kept them the plain gray color of the card stock. You could of course decorate them if you wish.


These are the categories I am starting with:
Title Cards
Black and White
Love and Valentines

My camera really didn’t want to focus on this correctly. Sorry.

These categories work well based on the kits I have, but your categories may be entirely different. In making my categories I sat down in my living room and divided them up and made my selections as I went. This way I could really get a feel for what I needed and what would work well for my personal Project Life style. FYI I have the Seasons core kit so that definitely made dividing everything up easy, it also makes making my spreads easy as I have a place to start theme-wise.

I have attached the PDF file of the dividers to the bottom of this page if you would like to make your own. Print them out full size and cut along the lines. Its that easy! Also, I am pretty sure the boxes are on sale at Michaels this week.

Now to figure out how to organize the rest of my scrapbooking supplies…

Here is the PDF file of the template:

Photo box dividers template


Project Life- Or why I love pocket scrapbooking

October 25
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Project Life- or why I love pocket scrapbooking. All about my experience with Project life and why it is a great scrapbook and memory keeping system for me.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to start putting together a physical photo album.  I have years and years of digital photos but they are difficult to go through and even harder to enjoy with others.  I had tried scrapbooking in the past and always felt it was way to much of a creative item versus being a memories storage device.  Although beautiful, I knew i didn’t have the time or energy to come up with creative spreads for everything.  I wanted a streamlined fill in the blank system and I found that with Project Life.  Project life is a pocket page system with preprinted cards to help you decorate your pages based on a season, theme, or emotion.  As soon as I saw the system at Michaels I knew it was perfect for me.  It gave me the creative license to use my photos however I’d like along with the pre-made cards to help guide the pages and keep everything together with matching cards and color schemes.

This is a spread from my Husband's album


Project life is most often used with a 12×12 binder.  Most of the pockets are both vertical and horizontal 4×6 and 2×3, as well as some 2×2 pockets.  This gives lots of options for photos and cards on a two page spread.  I went with a smaller 6×8 book as I enjoyed how the smaller book felt in my hands.  Although I love the large spreads of 12×12 binders, I didn’t love their large size to hold and work with.  The company also makes smaller binders as well.


This spread utilizes the Seasons core kit.



Many Project Life users (Project Lifers)  Like to do a spread for each week.  This is a great way to keep up with the day-to-day doings of your family but was too much for me.  I went ahead and have my albums grouped by event with the intent of one or two small albums per year.  Currently I have 3 albums. One for from 2011-2014, one album for wedding events and them my wedding, and one for 2015.  Once every few months I go through my Picasa albums and my phone album and order prints for my book. I always check Snapfish, Shutterfly, and for deals.  Some have special offers for photos ordered with your phone.usually over-order on photos and then decide with I get them which ones I actually want to use.  The prints are cheap enough that I am fine with this. Next I  go through the prints and place them in my album how I want them. Project Life makes many different styles of pocket pages so I go though and see what layout works the best for the photos I want to use. I  After I have the prints situated in the pages then I start adding Project Life cards and embellishments to my pages.  I started with one Project Life Core Kit for my cards.  Core Kits are lager card sets with 3 rows of 2×3 cards and one row of 4×6 cards.  I picked the seasons core kit for my first one because I liked how it would work all year and give a great seasonal feel to all my photos. I highly recommend this kit for new project lifers.



One of my favorite aspects of Project Life and the pocket album system is journaling cards.  These cards can be used to write down information about the photos or the day they represent including how you felt, as well as details about who was there or where you were.



Project life also sells smaller kits for holidays, babies, wedding, ect.   I have the Southern Weddings card pack which I used in my wedding album.

The pocket album idea is done by other brands as well.  A popular one is We R Memory Keepers.  Many of the items by the brand and other similar brands are compatible and you can always cut other items or scrapbook paper to fit the pockets.

Here are a few of the embellishments I use in my albums.

Here are a few of the embellishments and supplies I use in my albums.


Overall, I really enjoy the Project Life product line and the way it has made scrapbooking and memory keeping  doable for me.  I love going back and looking at my albums  and reading the cards knowing that I will always have these.  I also throughly enjoy the creative process.  It is almost like putting a puzzle together.  What goes where?  Does it fit? Does it match? What if I try this?  Its kind of like creativity for the analytical mind.  I do have to give a warning though; Once you start you will want all of the super cute embellishments, cards and albums.