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Fall fashion in warm climates

September 27
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As a resident of Florida and a basic girl I have the same problem every fall. I want to wear all the cute clothes but I also want to not die from overheating. Everyone on Instagram is going around sharing all these cute sweaters and boots and scarves and I am just sitting here hoping I can make it through the day without sweating through my tank top. I want all the cute things, but I always have to ask myself if it is really practical. Over the last few years I have learned some ways to make fall fashion work in florida.

Lightweight layering pieces

Skip the heavy sweaters and go for light, open sweaters. These can be paired with a tank to give the illusion of layers and fall color but without dying.
Here are a few I like:


Skip the boots for booties or mules

I know those mid-calf boots are adorable but they just don’t get enough fall wear around here. Try simple booties in a light color or mules. Although I have not yet jumped on this new mules trend I plan to get a pair soon, maybe in leopard. The best part? They are slip ons!


If you must wear a scarf, pick a thin breathable option

I opt for light cotton options. These are a little harder to find in the fall, but keep an eye out year round for scarves in fall and all-seasons colors.


Skip the tights

Tights are all the rage with skirts and dresses this time of year, but just skip them and go bare. A denim skirt with booties is a super cute fall look and your legs will thank you. Now that denim skirts are back I am just wishing I still had my old ones from high school.




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Summer fashion

May 30
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I know I have never shared fashion posts before, but I’d like to start.  Let me know what you think.

I wanted to share with you today a few new summer pieces I have added to my wardrobe.  Every year I like to grab a few new items to spruce up my closet for the warmer months.  Because of the heat in Florida I like to wear dresses as much as possible in the summer.

First up is this super cute sundress from Old Navy.  I love the light linen feel and the classic styling.  I purchased this dress for the Orlando Fringe Festival a few weeks ago and I know it will be on constant rotation over the summer.

I saw my friend Sarah wearing a cute hat a few weeks ago and I was inspired to add one to my wardrobe.  I found this one at Charming Charlie’s and it goes perfectly with my pink Banana Republic top (similar) and Kate Spade bag (similar). I wore these with some Khaki Bermudas. (Similar)
Last up is this pair of sandals from Target.  I spent all last summer finding my holy grail sandals and when I found these I knew my search was done.  I like dark sandals that are a little more than just a thong but not a full on gladiator sandal. Anyways, I wore my pair all summer, fall and sometimes in the winter and now they are starting to get a little worn. (They were only $20 at target!) I was so happy to see them again on the Target Website. This year I ordered two pairs so that I would be good to go for this summer and on.

Lastly one of my summer staples is my Ray-Bans.  I have both aviators and a wayfarer style.  I actually prefer these as they fit me better than traditional wayfarers but that is just my opinion.

Also, I want to leave you with one of the most important summer essentials: sunscreen.

This is my favorite facial moisturizer and sunscreen.


Have you purchased any new items for summer?  What did you get and why?



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