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DIY BB-8 from a sock

DIY BB-8 (4)

So, in case you live under a rock, the new Star Wars movie comes out December 18th. If you’ve seen the previews, you’ve seen the super cute new droid, BB-8.  He captured our hearts when we first saw him roll across the screen and Disney has already made of a ton of money, including some from my husband, merchandising this cutie.

Anyways, we fell in love with BB and wanted to create our own soft version.  I’ve seen and made cute snowmen out of socks and I figured that I could make a BB using the same idea.  Below are the steps we used.  Enjoy!



1 clean sock.
Orange felt
Gray felt
Small piece of cardboard
1 button
1 brad or small button
Clear/white elastics
Glue (I used e6000)

Optional and not photographed:

So the first thing you are going to want to do is cut your cardboard into a circle.  This is going to be your template for the orange circles as well as your head.  Play around and see what you think will work. Mine is about two inches in diameter. After you have made your cardboard circle trace it 4 times onto your orange felt.


Next go ahead and cut the middles out of your circles and cut four nubs in the for corners like how BBs are. With your gray felt make some little pieces to fit inside your orange circles.  You can see mine below but feel free to design your own.


Look at BB and think about what else you’d like.  For this one I made a few extra pieces for the head, but do what you want.  My favorite part about this project is that we are making an artistic representation of BB.  It does not need to be exact at all.  Please note the BB-8 in the photos is my husbands droid/toy/thing.  Yes, it’s super cool.


Once you have your pieces cut its time to create your BB.  Take your sock and fill it with some poly fil.  Don’t have a bag laying around?  Borrow some from an old stuffed animal or something.  It’s recycling! Put enough in so that when you put the cardboard circle in you get a nice half sphere.  Play with it, and one you get it how you want it put an elastic around the bottom.


Now that the head is on go ahead and fill the body with the poly fil.  Like the head, you’re going to want to play with it so that it makes a nice circle.  For the next step you will have the option of adding a small bag of rice to the bottom.  This is a useful way to weigh down BB so that he sits nicely.


After you have added your rice close the sock with another elastic tightly.  Once you are sure you like the shape cut the bottom of the sock off.


Now its time to set our felt.  I placed mine on the sock where I wanted them and then glued them on using e6000.  You could also use hot glue, fabric glue or god tacky glue.

Next glue on your button for his main “eye” and the brad or smaller button for the secondary “eye.”  If you don’t have a black brad or small button you could paint a brass brad or use felt.


Ta da!  Here is my BB with his buddy.

If you make your own BB please link it in the comments or use #amberdownsbb8 on instagram so I can see it.


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