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2016-2017 Happy Planner Review

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So my lovely husband was able to get me one of the new 2016-2017 happy planners at Hobby Lobby Yesterday so I figured I’d go ahead and do a little review.  When I was doing the research to see which one to buy I had a hard time figuring out what each one looked like on the inside.

 The planner that we decided to go with was this one called ” Enjoy the Little Things” which I feel is an important thing to remember and one that I sometimes forget. This planner was made by Me & By Big Ideas along with Sugar & Type. I love that the cover is nice and simple and it comes with the gold rings which my last Happy Planner has as well.

 The interior of the cover has a bold black and white stripes and of course the front page where you can put your contact information in case the planner gets lost.


 A new addition this year is a 2 page spread of all the 2016-2017 dates.  This is totally helpful in event planning and a great addition without taking too much space.

 This planner has a Currently page for each month were you can add in important information as well as a little bit about your life that month for memory keeping.  My current Happy Planner is “Every Day is a Gift’ and focuses more on upcoming events rather memories from the month.  The entire Happy Planner line is designed to be a planner but also has a heavy focus on memory keeping and this is evident in these pages.  Across from the Currently page, each month has a card stock page with an inspirational quote or print and a think laminated tab.  (Laminated tabs were introduced soon after the first Happy Planners came out.) Sadly I got first one before the switch and man, let me tell you, the lamination is going to come in handy.

 Sadly MAMBI did not fix one my biggest gripes with pervious planners.  In the monthly view the planners have a Sunday start to the week (like a regular calendar.) However, in the weekly view the week start with Monday.  This is difficult and annoying for many of us, especially for my husband who’s workweek is Sunday-Saturday. (Yes he has a Happy Planner, more on that in a upcoming post.)  I also run into problems in transferring information as they don’t line up.  But anyways, as before the weekends are highlighted on the month view and there is lots of space to fill in events.  I do love that both Saturday and Sunday get their own box. In my Kate Spade Wellesley planner they share a box which is annoying.

  Ok, on to the week view where we have my favorite change.  No more Morning, Afternoon, and Evening boxes!  Now I know that MAMBI came out with undated planners without the dates back around Christmas but I didn’t get one because I am lazy and would have screwed up the date placement. I am so glad MAMBI listened to this and got rid of the boxes.  I had been using stickers to relabel the titles but then I got lazy again (big surprise) and started just knowing what the boxes were without the stickers.  Now that they are gone we’re good to go.  This planner features black lines between the boxes. Other planners in this line have thicker pastel boxes.  I opted for the simple black.  Also, in this planner the dates are in pastel semi circles on top. Others have brighter colors, again this was a personal choice.

In this planner each month has one color for the accents.  It is used as the weekend color in the monthly spread and as the dates and weekend color in the weekly view.  In this planner the designers made some color choices that I don’t love, but will be able to deal with. For example, December 2017 is pink.  Pink?  Yes.  Luckily I will probably be on to another planner by then, but still!

Overall I am happy with the planner purchase and look forward to using it come July. Have you purchased a new Happy Planner?  Do you plan to?  I wanna know!  Let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram!  @_amberdowns

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6 thoughts on “2016-2017 Happy Planner Review”

  • I will be looking at getting one of these! Thanks for the reviews on them, I spoke with you on Instagram earlier today and just finally had a chance to hit a computer and check these posts out! I also have read through a few other posts of yours reviewing planners, but I think after hearing about the different types I will start with this brand and see how it goes!

  • I bought the new Mambi Classoc Happy Planner with the fresh floral theme. And I really love it. I bought the DIY 6-month extension pages and added them to the book so I could use it now. I also removed the last half of the new planner so that it’s not too bulky. So far it’s taken some getting used to. I’m more accustomed to the simple layout in the Kate Spade agenda. But I wanted this new Mambi planner because I loved the colors and happiness of it all. lol. I’m muddling through searching for simple ideas so that I don’t get overwhelmed by all the stickers and color use…

  • Are you still planning (haha) on writing a post about your hubby’s HP? My fiancé is always lusting after mine but is worried the others would be too girly for him, even though he loves how pretty mine is…! I’d love tips on personalizing them!

  • OK…I just bought my first Happy Planner. I’ve been a HUGE EC fan for several years, but when I saw this design and realized I could add pages ANYWHERE in the book….I knew it was the new planner for me. I simply cannot wait until July so I can start using it. I’ve purchased several add-ons (pockets, dashboard, notes pages, etc) and I’m still way under the price I usually pay for my yearly LifePlanner. Love that I’m able to save money (especially with HL coupons and Michael’s coupons) and still have a great planner that I love!!

  • I’m with you!! The Monday start in the weekday pages drives me absolutely bonkers!! I’ve messed up transferring info many times. I wish both started on Sunday. I’ve seen this same complaint on many HP forums all over the net and review after review. I wonder if there’s a way to get the powers that be at MAMBI to hear us on this one and help convert them??

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