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DIY decorative paper clips

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DIY decorative paper clips for your notebook, planner, paper,s work, binder and other needs. Make these cute clips and binder clips with hot glue gold paperclips, and paper crafting embellishments.

If you’ve been on Instagram or Etsy then I’m sure you’ve seen the super cute paper clips that everyone seems to have.  They are adorable, but they can get pricy.  I decided I wanted to have some cute clips that I could make myself.  I went to Michael’s and looked around my home and came up with the supplies.  My biggest cost was the gold paper clips which were $4.99 at Michael’s. Luckily I did have a coupon so I paid less.  Anyways, these are a great way to add some fun to your planner, desk, homework, or job.


Supplies needed:

Hot glue gun or other strong glue.  (e6000 is great also.)
Cute paper clipsbinder clips
Bows/paper/embellishments to glue on
Nail polish (If doing the binder clips)

I started with the bows as these are my favorite.  I purchased my red bows at micheals after chrisrtmas on clearance.  THe gold and black bows were from Hobby Lobby.  I was able to get them half off during a week where they did half off all house brand papercrafting.  (yay!)

When I do the bows I like to place the clip under a support that hold its parallel so that bow stays on nicely instead of being at a weird angle.  My bows had double sided tape on the back.  I removed the tape and the added some hot glue.  I set the paper clip in the glue and then added more glue.  This afixes the clip flriminy onto the bow.  If you wanted to be really fancy you could add glitter to the back but I am not fancy nor did I want the mess.  I let these dry while moving on to the next clips


My next clips were these cute cupcakes.  These were found in the scrapbooking embellishments area at Michaels. I decided I wanted the cupcakes that were the same size and shape to be used together as a double sided clip so I started there.

These had larger adhesive areas for scrapbooking and I didn’t want them to stick to my planner pages so first I covered both sticky sides with hot glue.  I then added in the clip and glued some more.  Because these were fairly flat I didn’t need to use a spacer.

Next I did the single cupcake, careful to cover all of the sticky back to protect my paper.

I had this little bag of cute die cuts and I waned to use one of them as a clip.  I found this cute mustache and thought it would be perfect.  For this I used a slightly smaller clip.

Lastly I wanted to spruce up my gold clamps from Hobby Lobby.

For these I just grabbed some cute nail polish and went to town.  I painted one side and then let it dry before going on to the other.


Don’t they look so cute?

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