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Hurricane Matthew

I know this isn’t really the type of thing I talk about here on the blog but I wanted to take a minute and talk about Hurricane Matthew which has recently affected so many lives. I live in Central Florida and still own a home on the coast (mainland, not barrier island, thank goodness) as well as our new home in Orlando.  I have been living in Florida for my entire life, so except for that nice 12 year lull since 2004, I’ve been pretty accustomed to prepping for a hurricane once a year.


Anyways, what I want to say is that my home, my family, and my community were spared. We are extremely grateful and thankful that we received as little damage as we did.  We have been very lucky for so many years and it seems that this streak will continue.  My only hope is that the community remembers that just because we have been lucky does not mean we are invincible.  This storm, the first storm to hit our area sine I became a homeowner is a great reminder to myself as to the fact that we must be prepared before the storm is even named. If we wait until the warnings out out, its too late.


What could have been a time of devastation was instead a great time to reconnect with family for so many. My mother stayed with us during the storm and we had a great time cooking, baking, and catching up. I even had her color my hair! I am very thankful that we had time time together even if it was under less than idea. circumstances.  We are so lucky to be able to say this. Our friends to the south in Haiti and our friends in states to the north were not so lucky.  So hold your loved ones close and be thankful for every day that you have with them.


If you would like to make a charitable donation to help the victims of this storm you can do so via the American Red Cross.

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