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Month: October 2016

Weekly planning with my spouse

One of the aspects of my planer experience that I get asked about often is how I incorporate my spouse into the planning process. Because we both have work schedules that vary and evenings activities to be aware of, I find that it is critical for […]

DIY pumpkin face mask for fall

One of the things I love to do on my days off is an at home face mask. I often purchase these at Ulta or I make them myself. This year I had heard others in the blogosphere talking about pumpkin face masks and I wanted […]

Getting back on track

  So it has been a rough couple of weeks. (When hasn’t it?) But I am ready to really get back on track with my life in regards to productivity and getting things done..  Although I have been productive in some aspects, I feel like […]

Hurricane Matthew

I know this isn’t really the type of thing I talk about here on the blog but I wanted to take a minute and talk about Hurricane Matthew which has recently affected so many lives. I live in Central Florida and still own a home […]

Book Review- Grace, not Perfection

  As a blogger and a librarian one of the few perks I receive is access to early review copies of books. Thomas Nelson Speciality Division was awesome and let me review an ebook copy of Grace, Not Perfection, a new book by Emily Ley. […]

What I read- September 2016

    As in the prior months, I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks recently.  They just work for me and I can listen to them during my commute or at home while doing stuff around the house.  Want to try audiobooks? Click here […]

September Faves

  September was another crazy month for me. (It will die down soon, right?) The home we are selling was supposed to close at the end of August and we spent all of September extending and worrying about it. The sale ended up falling through […]