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Valentine’s Day ideas

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It’s Feburary, so you know what that means, Valentine’s Day. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the holiday. Not because I don’t love love, but because I hate the expectations and ridiculousness that over commercialization of the holiday has brought.  I love the idea of celebrating love; reminding your special person that you love them; even little gifts or trinkets. I just don’t think we should expect our SO to take us to a fancy meal or buy candy that nobody actually likes.


Today I wanted to share a few ideas and things my husband and I have done to share the day without getting caught up in hype.


  1. Prepare a new meal at home- Use this as an excuse for you or your SO to try out a new meal from a cooking show or pinterest. Splurge a little on nice ingredients and a bottle of wine and call it a night. No crowed restaurants and you don’t have to worry about having that extra glass of wine as you are already home!
  2. Get dressed up and go out for fast food- We did this on our wedding. We stopped by Tijuana Flats in our full wedding gear to grab a meal before the after party. We had a blast and enjoyed our tacos and the price tag.
  3.  Due to his line of work, my husband often works the evening of Valentine’s Day (to be honest, I always try to get him to work.) Last year I contacted one of his coworkers and gave her a little goodie bag of treats/gifts for him which she delivered to his work area. He loved being surprised by these little goodies when he arrived at work that evening.
  4. Have a pajama night- Buy junk food, snacks, and your favorite drinks and spend the evening on the sofa watching your favorite movies and eating junk. There really is nothing better than enjoying a movie and junk food with your favorite person.
  5. Exchange children’s valentines- Pick up a box at the store and give your favorite’s to your SO. Bonus- use a marker to edit your favorites. *wink wink*


Do you have any great alternate Valentine’s Day ideas? Share them in the comments



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