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Month: May 2017

Six tips for your next yard sale

1. Have change, and lots of it. Go to the bank a few days before your sale get some change. I suggest $50 in small and medium bills along with several dollars of change. Inevitably your first buyer will need to break a twenty-dollar bill […]

Summer 2017 favorites part 1

Hey all, I know its been pretty quiet around here but I wanted to jump in and share a few of my favorite things so far this summer. Now yes, I know technically it is not summer yet but if you were in Florida right […]

Mother’s day ideas

I wanted to take a few minutes and share some great last minute gift ideas. These are all found on Amazon and are prime shipping eligible so ┬áit will arrive well before the 14th.   Up first is this adorable planner. Does mom plan? If […]

My new favorite kitchen tool

My new favorite kitchen tool

Fun fact: although I love coffee I’ve never owned a automatic drip coffee maker. I used a Keurig for several years and also have used a french press and pour over methods sporadically. Anyways, I loved my Keurig but I always feel like its expensive […]

Bullet journal paper

Bullet journal paper

So if you have been following along you might be aware that I have been experimenting with bullet journaling in my mini happy planner.  Well, I am going to be honest, it has not been going great, but that is my fault. Anyways, I have […]