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Let’s talk self-care

It feels like self-care has been a big buzzword for the last year or so. I never got too into the word because I saw such a range of things associated with it. At first I saw people wearing facial masks and proclaiming that self-care. Then I’d see that going to the gym or drinking theiir morning coffee proclaiming it was self-care and I just became confused. So I’ve basically ignored the idea until recently. I recently actually spent a little more time looking into the idea and started to put together my own definiation of self care.

I consider self-care any activity or task, that is not a given, that is done to better onesself that is not a required life function but makes you a better person in that you are healthier, happier, or in a better mental state to tackle the day or week.

So to me this can be taking time to go for a walk in the morning, going to bed at a decent time, or even prepping lunches for the week on Sunday so it is done. (That really does make me a better person all week long.)

Once I came up with this definition I started to think about what I already do and what I can do to make myself better for the world. I realized that one of the activities I have been doing regularly, getting my nails done, is apart of this definition. About a year ago I joined a membership program at a local nail salon. With the membership I get one salon service a month, I do the gel mani and basic pedi, along with a one polish change. Because of the membership I know I am paying for the service each month so there is no financial thought about spending the money which is great. I know the cost is set aside and taken care of, all I have to do is schedule the appointment and show up. I usually go after work as it is on my way home.

At first glance this does not seem to fit in with my definition of self care, however it does make me better. Personally, I am horrible at doing my nails. I can’t “stay in the lines” and I generally just find myself frustrated afterwords or embarrassed with the results. Although I am not a hand model, having nice manicured fingers and toes makes me feel better about myself which in turn makes me more confident.


As I did some more thinking about what makes me a better me I realized that when I practice yoga regularly I am more happy, fit, and emotionally strong.  I realized that I wanted to start practicing on a regular basis to better myself both physically and emotionally. I have found a local studio and will begin taking classes regularly there. For me, yoga classes in studio are the best option as I get distracted and busy at home and end up rushing through my practice or skipping it for what deem more important at the time. Just like with the nail salon, the studio is a  monthly prepaid system so I don’t have to make the financial choice each time which is perfect for me.


These two activities make me a better person for me, my husband, and my workplace. Are they right for you? Who knows. But I do urge you to take the time to think about what you can do to set yourself up to be the best you. It can be anything, but only you can figure out what. Do you already know something that you’d like to do more regularly to make you the best you? Please share it below or tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

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