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Travel Favorites

This week for Travel Tuesday I wanted to share a few of my favorite travel products. These are little things we have that really make our trips better. While we don’t buy tons of “travel stuff” we do have  a few items we love.


First off is this travel pillow.  Before our trip to Europe earlier this year I bought a cheap little travel pillow. It was useless. Charlie bought this one in the airport and it was perfect. It packs down small and really makes sleeping on the plane possible. If you travel often and want to sleep on the plane this pillow is for you. It is a little expensive, but worth it.

We it comes to travel accessories, I like to stick to things that are still part of my usual wardrobe. I love over the shoulder bags, but when traveling, a crossbody feels much safer and is less likely to be grabbed off you. I also always travel with a zippered bag. Although pick pockets  can aways unzip it, it, it just feels like one more line of defense. I carry a bag similar to this one when traveling in unknown places.

Charlie owns a wallet with a removable mini wallet. When we travel we only take the mini wallet with just a few cards, ID and cash. This wallet is nice and small and fits comfortably and safely in his front pocket. We generally keep most cards and cash in this wallet and I only carry a small amount personally just in case we get separated.

When traveling overseas you of course need a travel adapter. I use this one and am happy with it. It has USB charging as well as the others needed.  Please note these travel adapters do not convert voltage, just the shape of the plug. This means that it is fine to charge any device that can accept the given current. In the US our power comes out at 110 volts, but in Europe they are usually 220 volts. Almost all phone and computer chargers are fine accepting 220, but this voltage can ruin many hair appliances that are not made for it. Before traveling check any hair irons or blow dryers you are brining to ensure they will work. (Remember, even if they accept the voltage you will still need an adapter to use them.) As you can see from the photos, I did not take my hair dryer. Some of the places we stayed had one and if they did not I just air dried. Have a great travel dryer? Let me know, I am in the market for one.

This curling iron is fine, it is rated 120-240 V
This dryer is only rated 125 V. I did not bring it to Europe.
This flat iron is rated to 240 V and was fine.

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