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Travel Tuesdays- What I carry in my day bag

Today for Travel Tuesdays I wanted to share what I carry with me when I am out and about while traveling. I know a ton has been written about the essentials you must carry, but I like to keep things really simple so today I am sharing the few items I consider necessities.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about bags. When overseas or in a more dangerous place I always carry a crossbody bag that has a zip closure. This way a pick pocket cannot just reach in and grab something nor can they grab it off my shoulder. Also, I hold the bag in front of me when on the train or in other congested areas. I carry something similar to this one by Kate Spade.  Although backpacks are in right now, I do not suggest a backpack purse as you cannot see your belongings and they are too easy to steal from. As you can see, I like to carry an actual purse instead of a backpack or messenger bag. I like to blend in as much as possible and I think carrying a regular bag helps. When we do need more storage my husband brings a small black Timbuk2 bag that blends in well most places.

Ok, back to the contents. Like I said, nice and simple.

Before we leave I check my wallet and leave any unnecessary items at home. I keep a few credit cards, insurance info, my ID, and anything else I need. Other cards, especially work IDs and credit cards are left at home (unless traveling for work of course.)  I carry a small wallet, like this one when traveling as it holds the essentials without taking up too much valuable space.

During our trip to Europe, my husband carried both of our passports on his person. Although I did not have my passport on me I felt safe knowing I would not lose my passport if my bag was stolen. This worked for us, but if you need a passport decide for yourself the best way to carry it.

I like to carry a smaller  makeup bag with my personal essentials. I carry this at home too and just restock it for trips. This bag contains lipstick, eyeliner, tampons, medicine, (ibuprofen and Zyrtec), a pen, gum, a mini hair brush, and a hair tie. Having these items on me at all times helps to ensure a good trip. If I need an afternoon makeup refresh those two makeup items do it for me. You items could differ.

A reusable water bottle. Although I love my big fancy water bottles, when out for a long day or short on space I like to use a regular disposable water bottle as my container. They are lightweight, cheap, and disposable if needed. Refill whenever you see a safe water location. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Something to snack on. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and meal times change. Keep a small snack in your bag just in case. An apple, granola bar, or carrot sticks all work perfect. I usually carry enough for both of us.

If we have a heavy travel day I might toss in my Kindle Fire or headphones, but for just day to day exploring I leave those at the room.  Also, if I have a phone with a bad battery  I might bring a backup. Right now I have a new phone so the battery is great.

That is basically all that I carry. It is pretty similar to what I carry daily. If it works most of the time, why switch it up, right?

Do you carry anything unusual or different when you travel?

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