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Cocktails and Screams

I was downtown last night and had a chance to stop by the soft opening of the newest themed bar in Orlando, Cocktails and Screams. Yes, you read that right. This is a spooky themed bar that had tidbits of all of the best halloween and the spooky life have to offer.

If you are already groaning over the idea of another themed bar it is probably because you remember Frosty’s Christmastime Lounge which opened in 2016 and has since closed its doors. While Frosty’s was, at its heart, a dive bar, I have higher hopes for Cocktails and Screams. Created by the same folks that made Joysticks, C&S is very well done. No detail was skipped and I would assume they want to keep the place looking nice.

The Screamin’ Tiki

Beyond the decor, the place has a well put together list of custom cocktails as well as Tricks (shots) and Treats (desserts). Cocktails are in the $10-15 range, tricks are $5 and treats are $10-$20.

For the soft opening guests had musical entertainment from an organ player and singer. The space has a great stage and it is my hope that they continue to use the space for entertainment regularly. Maybe a burlesque show or cosplay contest?

The friends I went with were amazed that this wasn’t a pop-up bar, so my big question is will it last? My hope is that the alternative/goth community, along with others, will embrace it as a home and a cozy spot downtown. In my opinion, keeping good entertainment and events going will be the key to keeping the doors open.

If you go:

39 W Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801 (Next to Soundbar)

Sunday 4PM–12AM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7PM–2AM
Wednesday 7PM–2AM
Thursday 7PM–2AM
Friday 7PM–2AM
Saturday 7PM–2AM

What do you think? Is this just what Orlando needs? Will it last? Do you plan on going?

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