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Tips for your first UCF Football Game

Have you attended a UCF game lately? With the 2019 homecoming game coming up this weekend I figured it was a great time to share my tips on how to have a great time at at UCF football game.

In 2007 UCF built their first on-campus stadium. It was originally named Bright House Networks Stadium and was renamed to Spectrum Stadium when Bright House was acquired by Charter Communications in 2017. This spot is fairly special for me as I was a student at UCF when the stadium was built and loved going to games there both then and now. What better way to spend a fall night, right?

If you’ve never been to a UCF game here are a few things you should know

Parking is free – On-campus parking is free. Some garages closer to the stadium are reserved and you will need a parking pass to enter, however there is plenty of free parking all over campus on game day. One of the nice things about UCF is that since they regularly have thousands of cars on campus, the influx of vehicles for events like games are no big deal. I like to park in a surface lot so we can hang out by the car before the game and avoid traffic jams in the garages after. Check out all the game day parking details here.

Tailgating- Tailgating is a big deal at UCF. Alumni and students can reserve tailgate spots on Memory Mall the Sunday before game day via the school. I am personally not a fan of this tailgate zone as it can get loud, hot, and rowdy. If you’re looking to tailgate without the crowd, feel free to find a sport on the grass near your car and make it yours. Makes cleanup easy too. If you chose to tailgate, be sure to be aware about the rules, especially if you are on Memory Mall.

Drinking- On game day, open container rules are lifted on the UCF campus. Feel free to BYOB your beverages of choice and drink them at your tailgate, around campus, or by your car. I like to grab a few beers and a coozie, place them in a sturdy bag. I can drink them around campus then toss the bag before heading into the stadium. Beverages are also available around teh stadium, I suggest Burger U for both a beer and a burger. Just remember, all drinking must end at kickoff. Also, in the stadium beer is only sold in the club level sections so be prepared to sober up.

Be sure to get into the stadium before kickoff to see the pre-game intro. UCF has some fun traditions and they start here. Be sure to have your tickets ready and remember UCF has a clear bag policy. Don’t have a clear bag? Grab one here. This bag also works for Orlando City Soccer games.

Hungry or Thirsty? Consider brining an empty cup with you to the game. With this you can fill up at the large water coolers located inside and outside the stadium. Water in the stadium is pricy and this little hack will keep you cool and hydrated. When your stomach starts to growl head downstairs and grab something to eat. My favorite is the 4Rivers stand located near section 223. Pulled pork sandwiches are $10 and worth it.-

Customs- Just like any college team, UCF has its fair share of customs during games. Just pay attention to what everyone else is doing and play along. I will let you know, when Zombie Nation comes on, you better start jumping.

So there you have it, some tips on how to survive your first UCF Football game. GO Knights!

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