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So you want to start a blog…


so you want to start a blog. Tips for newbie bloggers

First off, congrats! You’re taking a big step into an amazing new world. When I first started blogging I was super nervous and had absolutely no idea what I was doing, what I needed to do, and how it all even worked. I created this page as a way for those interested in blogging to get an idea about what it takes to start, what the upfront costs are, and what actually needs to happen.  I am not selling a blogging course and am only promoting products and services that I use personally and feel are the best or best value in the industry. Please be aware that a few of these items are apart of affiliate networks (more on those later) so I do get a small commission if you purchase from a link here, but you are still getting the best deal available and these are the companies I trust and use myself.

Note: I suggest all new bloggers to create their blog on the platform. This means your blog will be independently hosted and you will control all content on the blog.  Most revenue sources require that your blog be self hosted and it is much easier to just do this from the start.


The first step is hosting. As I mentioned above, I strongly suggest just biting the bullet when you start your blog and do a self hosted site.  I purchased my hosting through Blue Host. Blue Host seems to be the industry leading in simple blog hosting. They are easy, reasonable, and inexpensive.  Right now they are offering a deal for hosting for $3.95 a month. As a bonus, they will register your domain name for free! When I started my blog I purchased the three year plan which got me the best rate. I did this as a way to keep myself accountable for keeping the blog up. Believe me, the first year you will want to give up at least a few times.


Ok, the next steps are a little more involved so I am going to direct you to your Blue Host dashboard to get set up. See that first button there, getting started? Click there for all the info you need to get started.  As a reminder, I’d suggest you go with a free site for the best comparability.



Now that you have your basic site up and running you are pretty good to go. Start making those posts, posting to social media, and making this happen.


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How to start a simple blog. How I started my blog with blue host and now earn money for blogging each month.