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ThriveSteer Planner

Created by a therapist, the ThriveSteer planner is designed to be a planner and a life coach all in one. This planner has a strong focus on both helping you plan your day as well as helping you create the vision for the life you […]

What I do with old planners

One of the questions I always get asked is what I do with my old planers. I know everyone’s answers and reasonings will be different, but my answer is a easy one. I keep them. I store old planners on a shelf in my office; […]

Planner pen test

  For a long time I’ve just been the type of person who grabs whatever pen is the closest.  Yes, I like good pens, but usually I just need something now and grab what I see.  Recently I have been inspired by other planners to […]

My Planning System

    If you haven’t noticed, planning, planners, and all things paper and stationery are big right now. ¬†Personally I think this is awesome as I’ve always been a paper and planner lover. ¬†However, I have found that its pretty easy to get caught up […]